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Interior Spotlight | Eye Catching Cushions to Serve as Decor in Your Interiors

Are cushions a simple decorating whim? Have you tried imagining a fully furnished home with no traces of textiles? It looks bare, boring, lacklustre, void of character. Luckily for any shopper on a budget, cushions represent those essential decorating accessories you just have to use if you’re looking to style your home through colour, pattern, texture and layering. Seasonal changes affect the particularities of the cushions you like to throw on your sofa, so let’s break down currents trends in spring/summer 2016 cushions.

It’s not the place where you add cushions that truly matters, it’s the aesthetic of its surroundings. Cushions go with everything, as long as you coordinate your décor. Fortunately, the new vogue in cushions incorporates so many visually succulent and graphic options, no one will mutter about lack of choice.

Grown up pastels

Feed your soul on a sorbet of colour. You’ll find cushions in subtle, sophisticated hues, especially pink. Not the explosive, sugary pink, but more like a subdued greyish pink that makes textiles an appealing way to add softness and contrast to your décor. They look lovely against a neutral background, showcasing a refined amalgam of textures that makes layering so much fun! And if you really want to amp up your décor, pair your pink cushions with soft, radiating metallics.

Another pastel worth looking out for is mint. It’s refreshing and welcoming, and works well with pale neutrals, and the above-mentioned pinks and metallic shades. And nothing compares with the invigorating, punchy contrast that mint makes against white.

Ombre and two-tone

It’s such an easy way to introduce colour and flair into your living space. When everything else fails in terms of prints, just enjoy the visual multi-shade spectacle a blooming cushion can create. Pair with solids to anchor them on your sofa and evoke the right soothing feeling and aesthetic.

Clashing prints for outdoors

Just as the elements of your open-air environment are not matchy-matchy, same principle should be applied when choosing your outdoor cushions. Do focus on the reinvented stripe, bold and displayed in a less obvious colour scheme such as a zesty combo of red and white, paired with solids and florals.

Leafy prints

The botanical print of the moment, fern provides a softer relief from the spiky explosion of succulents from last year. Those remain trendy, but if you’re trying to avoid desert inspiration and you’d opt for something more lush and grand, fern’s the perfect choice!

Contemporary contrasts

It’s time to mix it up a bit and juxtapose restful tones with punchy ones. It’s such a pleasure to feed your eyes on zesty, energizing tones that look as if were made for one another. Immerse your home in an explosion of aqua, sky blue, limes, lemons and crisp white, or enjoy a warmer approach in the form of deep blues, ochre, burnt oranges and earthly neutrals, spiced up by contemporary Aztec prints with geometric edge.

Speaking of contrasts, the easiest way to add texture through the use of cushions is to alternate fabrics and pair ubiquitous cottons with luxe linens, sophisticated weaves, crochets, embroidery etc.