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How To | Finding the Right Floor Lamp

A floor lamp can not only beautiful decor touch to any room but it also provides much-needed light to your space. With the right floor lamps you can change the look of your home permanently.

Here are some tips on finding the right floor lamps available from Interior Secrets.

Each of these top-quality designs would look ideal in a variety of different decor selections:

Fremont Tripod in antique grey: This relatively neutral and industrial modern floor lamp offers an extremely beautiful ambience. Combining together some antique parts with a black linen shade, this is a modern floor lamp which would look perfect in almost any type of living environment. If you have a darker color palette this would be an ideal floor lamp that you could picture in your home. Accentuated aluminum elements really give this an industrial feel well keeping the components very light. Sturdy pine makes sure that this is a piece that is definitely built to last. It can be accented by many homey pieces as well as offer the perfect way to transform your living space with beautiful natural light. The same design is also available in a beige shade for a more natural look in a much lighter color palette. Keep both of these options in mind for an ideal home color palette/ decor touch.

Arne Jacobsen replica floor lamp: this replica for lamp is designed using a more modern aesthetic. The entire lamp is created using a brighter white finish and it fits with almost any style of décor. A tilt mechanism makes it easy to turn this into a functional light piece for any style of room. It is also built out of sin extremely strong materials. The tiltable mechanism makes it a fun accessory to play around with and the curved aluminum design is practical yet very minimal. This is a floor lamp that is designed not to take up too much room and to fit with any type of lighter décor. It’s definitely a modern design and in a modern loft setting or contemporary living room, this would make a beautiful complement to the décor. The unique shape and posture are definitely what gives this lamp it’s lasting appeal. Molded from iron with aluminum and white brushed finishes, this is a floor lamp it’s really built to last as well.

Ava Floor lamp: This extremely modern and trendy interior floor lamp is designed in a copper metallic style. It fits into a variety of different spaces and has a fairly reflective copper palette for the outside. The metallic style is built to last with a strong metal and the minimalist look would be perfect in any modern home. If you have a darker color palette or a lighter color palette this is neutral enough to fit into any type of décor touch that you have created. The bulbs throws a much more natural and muted light then you might see from a variety of other floor lamps as well.

Calder Floor lamp: This monochromatic floor lamp is made with special metal detailing as well as a concrete base. This is a heavy floor lamp that would lend its use to any modern interior design space that uses an industrial design scheme. This is a very bright interior floor lamp and it actually holds up to a 60 W bulb. This is a more traditional floor lamp with a modern style darker design that would look great in many modern spaces.

Otto Floodlight: for large rooms and studios floodlights have become a very popular way to light up these spaces. This extremely impressive floodlight features a specialty frame which is made of iron and a style that’s very versatile for a variety of different industrial designs. No matter what type of modern setting you plan on putting this light in, it will definitely shine beautifully in many spaces. Get the look of an artist’s studio with this unique design.

If you are looking for high quality floor lamps that could really change the look of any space, any one of the following options would make an excellent choice for your household. Keep some of these amazing options in mind if you are planning on upgrading your interior lighting today.

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