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Interior Spotlight | Homeware Top Picks!

In order to enjoy the best possible design scheme for your home, you may need a number of designer homewares. Furniture can really help to make a space but really tying in a theme for your room involves the process of creating a number of small elements which can complement each other inside the room. It can truly take time to pick out these ideal decor items but one finding high-quality homewares you can end up with great items for your home which are truly designed to last.

At Interior Secrets, we carry not only furniture but a wide selection of interior decor items which range from terrariums, cushions, wall accents, mirrors and more. Each one of these selections can really help you to build a room which is modern and extremely well crafted with beautiful décor pieces.

Here are some of the top selling items in Australian Homewares that come from Interior Secrets

Cacti terrarium: Terrariums have become extremely popular items for many individuals because they can add a more natural touch to a room. Not only can terrariums be easily introduced into almost any sized room or kept on a shelf for example, but they are extremely easy to care for. Getting an extremely eye-catching natural piece for your home in a beautiful bowl ecosystem will really work as a great focal point for your room and for décor pieces. This terrarium installation comes with a resilient bowl which is made out of glass as well as a neutral style decor that can fit into almost any type of home. It’s eye-catching, it’s perfect for many different areas in your home and it requires very little care. The decorative features have a scientific look there’s no need to actually provide any type of watering or sunlight in these bowls made of glass. Most of the plants have been created using feature fabrics although they look extremely realistic. Caring and cleaning for the terrarium is also extremely easy and with a high-quality installation like this, you could place it into almost any room within your home and multiple locations across your home.

Harlow Mirrors: The Harlow Mirrors that feature beautiful natural woods as well as a Scandinavian style which is both contemporary and classic styles. The very classic round shape is made out of a resilient glass and timber construction and the product is designed for the longest natural lifespan with minimal need to stain or dust them. The glass and mirror installation is definitely designed for the strongest construction and these mirrors can be a beautiful investment for your home especially considering their neutral decor look that can be placed anywhere. Harlow mirrors , and a main set of two and although the frames are quite simple they can be placed in many different configurations or placed apart to complement multiple rooms within your home. Harlow Mirrors are beautiful way that you can direct light through your home, have a reflection for checking your fashions or for opening up a room with more natural light.

Balaclava Clock: Solid white and copper style clock that has some very modern design features as well as a bold look. Although it has been designed with the idea of a stylish and modern minimalist clock feature, this is a clock that can look perfect in almost any type of décor. The matte white clock phase comes in several different finishes to suit the colour of your home but when paired with the gloss copper metal finish, this is an elegant minimalist clock that would look perfectly suited in any office, home or in many different rooms. The numbers raise slightly above the white face showcasing an absolutely beautiful look that is stylish and lightly distinctive for many different types of rooms. The gloss copper metal is definitely designed for strength and the minimalist look on the clock face can be extremely easy to read especially against a darker wall. This is a bold and unique clock that you could use as an amazing focal point in any room of your home