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How To | Choose Furniture That Is Inspired By Fashion Trends

Have you ever looked at your favourite dress and wondered if you could design a room around it? Well you can! Fashion is increasingly becoming a major part of modern furniture pieces. The trends showcased at fashion shows usually seem elusive to many, especially to the everyday fashionista. Luckily, the task of translating those trends into home décor is a lot more manageable. Fashion designers know the latest trends and the hottest colours. This helps them to create extraordinary designs that influence home furnishings. Just like you personalize your wardrobe, you can now personalize your furnishings. Here’s how you can choose >home furniture that is inspired by designs from the runway. 

Go For Rich Colours

 In 2013, Pantone announced emerald green as the colour of the year. Fashion and interior designers quickly went to work and applied this vibrant colour in their designs. Emerald green is a rich, lively hue that can brighten up any living space. However, it doesn’t have to be the focal colour for your home furnishings. Neutrals, whites, blacks, and rich colours that complement each other can shine in any space. For instance, gray and pink go well together. If you prefer to steer clear of trends, go for edgy designs that will enhance your interior past 2013. 

Don’t Mix Similar Colours  

Colours inject personality to your living space and set a room’s mood and tone. However, when incorrectly used, they can overwhelm a room or give it a dull appearance. Choose furniture colours that coordinate with the things you love and express your personality. Don’t strive to make things match. For example, just because you have red sofas doesn’t mean you get rose or fuchsia coloured cushions. If you love red, choose a subtle colour as the main colour and incorporate red accent sofa pieces to create a style that really “pops.” 

Dress your home with a unique personality that showcases your style. Remember that your home is a reflection of who you are so decorate it with your favourite colours and prints.