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How To | Decorate a Perfect Bedroom

If you think about the amount of time you spend in your house and the room that you spend the most time in, there is a great chance that your bedroom is at least in the top three most used rooms in your home. You sleep there, get ready in the mornings there, and unwind after a long day of work in your bedroom. Decorating a bedroom properly with the right furniture is so important when it comes to creating the right look and feel for your room. Keep reading the tips and tricks below to learn how to decorate the perfect bedroom.

1) Pile on the pillows

There’s nothing like crawling into a bed with pillows that are surrounding you. Investing in good quality pillows that are supportive for your neck and a comfortable sleep is key. Your pillows can also help tie in the theme and color scheme of your room. Choose several decorative pillows that are in the same color scheme family to help bring your bedroom together. Don’t have too many pillows that it takes you a long time to clear the bed before you crawl into it

2) Choose a color scheme carefully

A bedroom is a space where you need to wind down after a long day and wake up in an inviting space. Because of that, you need a color scheme that is going to help you through those times of day. Light colors such as pastels or cool shades of blue and grays, are perfect for a welcoming bedroom. Your walls and furniture can all encompass that light and welcoming color scheme. Our recycled timber bedside tables are the perfect way to bring a color scheme together in your room without choosing a larger piece such as a dresser or bed if you are looking to be subtle with accent colors.

3) Bedside tables

Typical bedroom furniture always consists of at least a bed and a dresser or two. You must also remember that a bedside table is crucial to creating a warm and welcoming space. The storage capabilities in a bedside table alone are perfect for keeping your bedroom space free of clutter. Bedside tables are also key in helping you create the look and feel that you want in your bedroom. Modern bedside tables in a unique design can help develop that modern feel for your bedroom while natural wooden bedside tables are perfect for a classic or rustic feel.

4) A place to sit besides the bed

It’s not good to always wind down at the end of the day in your bed. Your bedroom should have a comfortable spot to sit while you’re catching up on emails or reading from a book or mobile device. A comfortable chair or chaise is also great for putting on shoes or laying out an outfit the night before. This helps you keep your technology out of the bed which can add time to how long it takes you to fall asleep at the end of the night.

5) Personable items

Beautiful shelves, floating or in a bookshelf, are perfect for decorating a bedroom. Photos in decorative and ornamental frames that match the color scheme of your room help make your bedroom space more homey. You can also organize books and other collectables on the shelves in a way that is organized yet carefully displayed. You also can decorate your room with photos that are not of family members. Consider getting pictures of your favorite places to visit or places that you hope to visit some day. Waking up and seeing those pictures every day can help you remember how much you want to achieve those goals.

All of these tips and tricks are helpful in creating a bedroom space that is homey and ideal to wake up in everyday and go to sleep in every night. Make a space that is your own with the right furniture, functional space and ideal color schemes to help you wind down and feel comfortable.

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