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How to | Style Your Coffee Table

A coffee table can bring together a living room or sitting room space when you style it in a way that encompasses the overall look and feel you are going for in that room. Styling your round coffee tables and glass coffee tables with pieces ranging from a serving tray to a unique collection help you to show off the feel that you are going for in your home – whether it is stylish, chic, modern or classic. Don’t leave your coffee tables bare, consider spicing them up using some of the following tips and tricks.

1) Maintain Balance

There is a fine line in decorating that you must keep in mind when it comes to your coffee tables and maintaining balance is key. You have to find a balance between too cluttered and too bare. If you prefer to stay on the light side with your round coffee table, consider the bare essentials such as coasters that match the colour scheme of the rest of your home. Or, you could set up your coffee table to have a large vase that is a colour as an accent piece to the rest of your living room setup and design.

2) Display a collection

Coffee tables can also be decorated with a special collection and put on display for your guests to see. Glass coffee tables are great for displaying collection because sometimes you can find one that acts as a shadow box, making it very easy for your favourite collections to be shown off.

3) Add some layer

If your round coffee table doesn’t have storage space underneath of it, consider adding some layers on top of it to add character and depth to your round coffee table. Serving trays make great layers to your coffee tables and can store items that you need easy access to such as a TV remote or a favourite magazine or book, or you can use it to display a vase with flowers.

4) Lighten it up

Candles or lanterns, whether they are decorative or operable, can take your coffee table decorations from boring to modern or classy. Light fixtures can add a unique look and feel with your decorations while also being functional if you need it. If you choose to use candles, they can help your living room space feel homey or even romantic when you need it.

5) Be seasonal

Coffee tables are perfect for your living room when it comes to bringing a seasonal feel to your space. Whether it is Christmas, Easter or New Year’s Day, you can find decorations for your coffee table that bring the holiday spirit to your home. Beyond the holidays, you can switch up your decorations for the fall, winter, spring and summer seasons with bright colours and unique accent pieces.

6) Glass Accents

While some may consider glass to be a simple material, it can be a great addition to your living room decorations. Glass decorations on a coffee table such as glass bottles that are all made with the same type glass material and in a similar colour scheme but different shapes can catch filtered light and brighten up your room.

7) Vary the height

To create a more eye-catching designed space, try varying the height and width of the decorative items that you have on your coffee table. When all of the decorative items on your table are at an equal eye level, none of them will stand out and serve your purpose of being decorative pieces.

8) Double the duty

Don’t hold back from having more than one coffee table in your living room space. You can have multiple tables stacked next to each other for a unique table. You can also use multiple coffee tables together made of varying sizes to create a unique look on a classic living room piece.

9) Hideaway clutter

Nothing takes away from your decorations on your coffee table like unnecessary clutter. Consider a coffee table with hideaway storage space like cabinets or drawers. This will help you keep the decorations of your home in plain sight and not take away from the overall look and feel that you are going for. 

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