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How To | Tips to Go From Boring Backyard to Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

When we think of home decor and style, we often only think of our interiors. Don’t forget the outdoor area is just as important. When the weather is mild, your back yard or patio becomes your living area where your friends and family gather to eat, drink, and share memories together. Therefore it’s important that your outdoor area is comfortable, stylish and up-to-date. You can’t just throw any old furniture out there; an outdoor space should be a place that people want to spend lots of time. Here’s how to decorate your outdoor space into a place that’s beautiful, inviting, and easy to use.

Comfort and Style

The first things you’ll need to consider when choosing outdoor furniture are the look and feel of the pieces you purchase. Whichever one is more important, that’s up to you. Focus on comfort, as it’s no fun to perch on an uncomfortable, tiny stool  for example, as you enjoy a night of drinks in the back yard. The great thing about most patio furniture today is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. There are gorgeous outdoor lounge sets available that are every bit as comfortable as they are sleek and stylish.

To really make your outdoor space truly something special, try a unique outdoor hanging chair. These are ideal for solo relaxation in your back yard; simply climb up in one with a book or cup of tea and swing quietly in the breeze. Think of a hanging chair as being like a freestanding hammock—and they’re perfect for yards where you don’t have room to take up space with a giant hammock frame.
2. Quality

Your outdoor furniture will be living outdoors so it’s important that it be of the absolute best quality so that it can withstand all the elements. Through the intense heat, extreme cold, rain, wind, dirt, your patio furniture will be exposed to it all.  It’ll also need to stand up to constant use.

One of the first ways to guarantee quality is to purchase your outdoor furniture from a reputable retailer that specializes in outdoor pieces. They will be knowledgeable about which materials are best for outdoor use. A table made of plastic, for instance, will hardly last one season out in the elements. A sturdy outdoor table that’s made of wicker or beautiful wood, however, will hold up and look perfect for many seasons to come. Aluminum is another popular material for outdoor furniture, as it’s lightweight, doesn’t rust, and is incredibly easy to clean. Some outdoor furniture sets combine aluminum and wood to get the best of both worlds: the rustic warmth of teakwood, for instance, with the sleek modernity of metal.

3. Shop Online

The last tip for anyone looking for perfect outdoor furniture is to take the search online. It can be frustrating when you’re limited by the few items available at your local brick-and-mortar store. Some online outdoor furniture retailers have brick-and-mortar showrooms where you can get a peep at the item you’re considering. Even if this isn’t a possibility, researching an item online will often tell you much more than you’ll learn while seeing it in person. You’ll get exact measurements, learn what materials an item is made of and best of all—you’ll get access to the reviews.

Online reviews of items are the absolute best way to determine all you need to know about outdoor furniture, whether you’re considering an individual outdoor chair or an entire furniture set. Is the item comfortable, well-made? Does it hold up over time or fall apart after two weeks? The best way to know what to expect is by reading reviews from people who have actually purchased an item.

The best thing about ordering online? There’s no struggling to tote home a huge set of outdoor furniture in your tiny car. Everything gets delivered straight to your door. Simply unbox your new furniture, place it where it looks best and pop open a cold drink to celebrate your fabulously-decorated outdoor living space.

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