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How To | Designing Your Office Space to Increase Productivity

When it comes to creating an office layout for a start-up business, you may be tempted to try office fitouts and save as much money on furniture and accessories as possible. After all, a work space is all about some desks and chairs, right? Wrong. Putting together an office setting in favour of cutting down your expenses to a minimum and not paying importance to essential aspects like ergonomics, aesthetics, comfort or décor will eventually cost you money in the long run. To ensure workers’ productivity, health, bright mood and creativity, you need to design a space that looks as if it was created for the 21st century employee. Here’s how you do it:

Stylish, ergonomic, personalized furniture

Office furniture that pleases the eye and has mercy on your back is essential to stimulate employees to achieve optimal work performance. How can a worker be productive if the very desk or chair in his office is causing a lot of strain on his body?  Think ergonomic furniture and try to coordinate its design with the type of task your employee is responsible of. If a worker spends most of the time on a computer, desk setting and elbow space available should reflect that. Is your employee typically surrounded by lots of files, documents and other paper materials? Make sure you acquire a workstation equipped with proper storage space.

A clutter-free environment

Promote a well-organized work space void of clutter by using tables and desks that incorporates a cable management system and make sure storage units are spacious enough and within easy reach. It’s difficult to concentrate on the task at hand when you angrily search for a missing file, right? Unnecessary paper flooding work space is one of the biggest culprits. This is where a storage cabinet comes into place.

Colour accents

You are well aware that colour can affect people’s moods. You probably know it can also influence productivity. Maybe you even read a couple of studies about that, as there are plenty. What are you waiting for? In fusing your office space with a bit of colour will brighten everyone’s disposition and stimulate them to be creative and get things done. It’s not about asking your employees what their favourite shade is and turn the office into a kaleidoscope of colours. It’s about creating a vibrant aesthetic that stimulates the eye, even if you’ve only opted for colourful desk screens.

To minimize the risk of eye fatigue and loss of interest at the work place, you have to have proper lighting, and if natural one is hard to come by due to weather, building layout etc, you have to make sure your lighting source is comfortable on the eyes and has a soothing effect. Try and acquire lighting fixtures that do not illuminate directly, bouncing off the light instead.

Spruce it up!

Office makeover? Put some life into it, literally! An always flattering form of décor, plants and flowers not only improve productivity, but can also act as a natural air filter.

Proper lounge space

In addition to designing the ideal work space, you also need to create an off-duty area, a place where employees can feel comfortable while taking a break, a place to recharge, have an undisturbed phone call or discuss ideas in a private manner. A place where you can actually put your feet up without others giving you a hard time about it. Don’t chain workers to their desks. Instead design an inspiring lounge that prompt a sense of relaxation, camaraderie and some well-deserved fun!

Read the article and still don’t know where to begin or how to materialize your office design ideas to reflect your business and give your employees a sense of concept? Take advantage of our hospitality fitouts, relax and save money while we’re making your vision a reality!