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Interior Spotlight | Low stools We’re Loving

Low stools are very much a modern statement that can be used for occasional seating as well as accent pieces in almost any room of your home. Great style can come in amazingly small packages with the help of these modern low stools available from Interior Secrets. Here are some of the top selling low stools available in the current Interior Secrets inventory that might just look perfect in your home:

Rodolfo low stool: The Rodolfo low stool is an example of an orange tool that comes with a beautiful iron base and several different colored tops. This current item is available on clearance at a reduced price because of the lowered stock! The nice part about this unique design flow stool is that it would look perfect in almost any type of room. Whether you are interested in getting a low dining room chair, sewing room chair or other type of low stool, the strong iron construction of this item as well as a comfortable seat ensure a great quality spot to sit down and enjoy your new space. Bright and modern colors can ensure that this tool is used as an excellent art piece or accent piece. It really can breathe life into a room!

Marcel Wanders Replica stool: This hourglass shaped stool is based off of a famous architectural design. The visuals are a geometric pattern that also works as a completely functional piece of furniture. The quality of the artwork would stand as a small sculpture of to the side or an accent piece for any type of room. Although this replica stool may not be an everyday store that you would want to use as a dining item, it can serve as occasional seating as well as a beautiful accent piece that’s available in several different colors. The eye-catching design is something that people will notice walking into the room every time. With colors available such as gray, yellow, red, blue and clear you can really accent the room as well as mix-and-match these various tools to produce something unique and interesting! Pay tribute to a great architectural piece and enjoy the strong polycarbonate construction in these amazing low stools.

Lumi Low stool: The lumi Low stool with a polished frame is a completely unique and stunning modern store that has a stainless steel frame constructed of 304 grade polished materials. Dressed with a black faux leather as well as several other colors, this low stool is strong and has a strong industrial design. Unlike other strong industrial pieces, this low stool is also designed for comfort. With an extremely versatile seat configuration as well as a smooth faux leather upholstery, this is a low stool that you might want to use as occasional seating as well as ongoing seating for a dining room type of area. Lumi Low stools are ideal for both their form and their comfort. With several different options available for the colors and design you can create a contemporary or modern look 

Otto Low stool: For a stool that follows a much more minimalistic design, this industrial anchor stool has a contemporary look with a very industrial style. These black framing timber seat stools are made to be extremely durable with a very sturdy steel frame. These stools would look perfect in a variety of interior settings and they have a look that is multipurpose. Although these tools are likely strong enough to stand up to the elements outside, they are designed for indoor use and the coating on the legs is designed for indoor aesthetics. The tripod inspired base is very distinctive and extremely sturdy. With a frame of black and several different options for seat styles and colors, this is a modern stool that would look perfect in many different types of homes.

With so many different styles of low stools available, you can enjoy various designs that will suit the look of your home and provide you with both comfort and artistry from accent low stools and permanent dining low stools. Consult Interior Secrets for all of the best quality low stool designs in Australia.