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Interior Spotlight | Our Danish & Scandi Faves

Danish and Scandinavian furniture is known best for its incredible design and unique versatility. With such high demand for various pieces of Danish Scandinavian furniture in many different homes, it’s understandable that many homeowners are interested in finding top quality pieces that fit this design style. The problem with many Danish and Scandinavian furniture dealers is that they emanate from the country itself. For many in Australia, the idea of shipping furniture from overseas simply adds extra expense and can make the process of decorating any home very difficult. With a local supplier of  Scandinavian furniture from a company like us, it becomes much easier to source amazing furniture that has a retro yet modern style. Interior Secrets sources a wide range of dining chairs, dining tables, coffee & side tables and other items which are all sourced using this Scandinavian style of home décor. Consider some of these top items if you are interested in getting the Danish or Scandinavian furniture look for your home:

Johansen Scandinavian Extendable table: This item is ideal for smaller dining rooms as it has a full extension system that adds an extra 40 cm of space. The Danish and Scandinavian furniture design in this product allows for an easy extension for any size living space. With an oak veneer top as well as solid oak style legs this extremely simple design delivers a statement that creates an amazing centerpiece for many different types of dining rooms. These Scandinavian inspired design is relatively classic and has a very functional format that also carries a versatile finish. With the extendable leg system there is extra room for elbow space and improvements be extremely warm finish remains perfect for almost any type of room and the table can be modified for use with family-friendly gatherings or for fold away storage.

Arne Jacobsen Replica Floor Lamp: This classically styled floor lamp is created with a white paint finish as well as a characteristic shape. It can be used to modernize the look of almost any room as well as function as a beautiful lighting accessory. This lamp throws excellent lighting and has a tilt mechanism for easy control and illumination throughout many different types of spaces. The iconic look is supremely Danish in Scandinavia and the sturdy iron construction makes this perfect for any type of décor. The long and sturdy stand can be placed in almost any area within the home and the lamp will blend seamlessly into many different types of décor. Tiltable mechanisms from the floor also improve the points of articulation that the lamp has to offer with regards to changing lighting styles. Up to 30 W of power can be used with the light and this makes it the perfect fit for many standard LEDs and CFL lighting styles.

Carraway Occasional Side Table: This caraway colorful occasional side table is designed with black legs as well as a topside decorative table surface. The upper surface is coated with copper for a beautiful reflection as well as a nuanced industrial look. Durable black powder coated legs are designed to create a powerful look as well as stand up over many years of use. The occasional side table is perfect because it can act as a small accent piece while still remaining perfectly suited to any type of small surface area. Scratch free floor protection items on the base of the table ensure that individuals can enjoy greater levels of security with preventing accidents due to the table moving on hardwood floors. The occasional side table also comes in many different color customizations to suit several different décor styles.

Frankie Wall Clock: The Frankie Wall clock in natural white is a beautiful Scandinavian design that falls in line with minimalism and an organic aesthetic. The wooden backing as well as the natural look blend into the background of many different minimalist style homes and the protective glass and strong construction ensure that this wall clock good stand-up for generations. If you are interested in a wall clock that is extremely resistant and also quite modern, this could be exactly the piece that you need as an accent on your wall.

With a wide range of Danish and Scandinavian furniture available at Interior Secrets, you won’t have to ship in high-quality furniture and decor items from Denmark to get this sought after look for your home!