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How To | Our Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Dining Table

A dining table is not just a place for eating, but also can be one of the most important focal points of a home. Choosing the right design based on functionality to suit your lifestyle, and aesthetic to suit your home, will ensure you get the most out of your table for years to come.

Dining tables are one of our most popular items, see below for the styles we love, and tips on how to choose yours.

1. Marble Dining Table

A timeless and luxury choice, marble tables are a classic option that won’t fade in appeal.

The Tulip design above, is famous for its ability to bring prestige to any setting. When choosing, opt for a quality marble, with a good craftmanship. Marble tables are solid and heavy, however they must be maintained with care as they are still delicate. Be sure to cover the table when high pigment foods such as red wine or colourful dishes are being served, to avoid stains. These tables work amazingly with both wooden floors and neutral tiles.

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2. The Reclaimed Elm Wood Table

A reclaimed wood table comes with all the heart of a pre-loved piece.

An alternative to second-hand, but with all the appeal of a weathered table, reclaimed wood items are a great way to bring a little bit of cozy into your home. While also being a great sustainable solution, these tables have their own unique appeal, in that there are no two tables the same. Natural variation also allows extra nicks, grazes and discolourations to go unnoticed. And being solid and stable, they are great for families with young children. Protect the table with a wax, applied a couple times a year, and never leave liquids or food to soak into the wood.

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3. Glass Dining Tables

Glass tables are great in many decors, as they offer a less obtrusive design element.

Glass is great for creating the illusion of an open space, and the reflective nature of the glass also brings the look of extra light. Tables made with tempered safety glass have a surface resistant to scratches and heat, and won’t shatter if knocked. Glass tables are great for opening up smaller spaces, and superb to show off beautiful dining chairs or statement rugs.

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4. Round Tables

Round tables are perfect for square dining areas or smaller apartments.

They allow you room to move in terms of seating, and you can easily accommodate that extra person if you need to as the legs of the table generally won’t get in the way. Round tables also have an intimate communal feel and are great for sharing meals and keeping everything close.

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5. The Versatile Dining Table

Lightweight tables provide great versatility if you need something easy to move.

If you’re not planning in staying in the same place for a long time, its a good idea to get a table that’s lightweight and suitable for all fabric dining chairs. Tables with detachable legs are a great option for this. You can easily find industrial modern options made from lighter materials such as ply or veneer over solid wood, and legs from aluminum over steel. Choosing an option in neutral colours also means the table will suit your place, wherever you move.