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Interior Spotlight | Perfect Dining Table Designs to Charm any Dining Area

One of the most used areas in the house, and one of the best to decorate, is the dining room. The dining room is important because it’s where everyone comes together for meals, so it should be a space that you’re proud of regardless of its size.

The dining table especially plays a vital role in the dining room. It’s no surprise that people go to great lengths to find the perfect round dining table designs to suit their dining areas. The dining table is really an extension of the kitchen or family room. So, when looking for your perfect dining table, you’ll want to pick something that’s more casual in style but has a durable surface that will not scratch or damage easily.

Your chosen rectangle dining table will primarily depend on the look of your dining room. You should also pick a style and design that can add charm and personality to your area. The options out there for the perfect dining table are endless, which can make the selection process an overwhelming affair that is made worse if you don’t know what you are looking for.

If you want to avoid bringing home a dining table that is a complete misfit with your dining room décor, here are some perfect dining table designs to charm any dining area and to make your selection process that much easier:

The Classic Rectangle Table

The classic rectangular dining table is one of the most popular choices, and for good reason. A rectangular dining table is favoured for its form and functionality. If you have a large family or have regular get-togethers, a rectangular dining table would be your best bet as it offers the much-needed space and has defined lines that will meet your needs perfectly. For a touch of contemporary appeal, the Dalton Reclaimed Elmwood Dining Table with its modern industrial aesthetic has a pleasing symmetry that is just right for a contemporary dining room.

The Round Dining Table

A roundtable such as the Jenks Round Dining Table, which has a sophisticated and smooth natural timber finish, is the best size and shape for smaller or square shaped rooms. Roundtables are also great for small gatherings as they enable the easy flow of conversations.

An oval dining table is also a great alternative, especially if you prefer to keep the rounded shape but want to accommodate more people. Oval dining tables help introduce curves to a boxy or stuffy room and it can perk up a boring dining room with its shape. Even the marble top of the Tulip Oval 2m Marble Dining Table can elevate the look of the space. Add a stunning pendant light above to create a warm and romantic setting.

The Rustic Table

Crafting that brilliant dining room decor is all about getting your style and theme right. Add chic contrast by using a rustic table in the modern space, like the Winston Reclaimed Dining Table that can create an instant focal point and add an old world charm. Recycled and salvaged wood tables are currently in-trend and are wonderful choices for those that are green at heart.

The Glass Table

Certain materials, such as glass, distinctly speak to modern design. A glass tabletop is a modern dining table staple that eliminates visual weight, making it a good choice for tight spaces. A glass dining table like the Nora Glass Dining Table is balanced beautifully and its shape maintains a casual look that adds an inviting element to the decor owing to the simplicity in design. Glass tables often have clean lines that can help to accentuate the table design or complement the decor around the room.