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How To | Styling Tips That Will Make Your Room Look out of This World!

Most homeowners look for comfort and functionality when it comes to select furniture and decor accents, while others are shifting more towards pieces that create visual impact, yet sacrifice the convenience offered by traditional craftsmanship. That doesn’t mean we can’t achieve a futuristic look using unique, mind-blowing designs that would make any room pop with starshippy charm, yet still attain a high level of practicality and comfort. Here are a few styling tips that would make even Luke Skywalker feel right at home:

Spectacular lighting

You don’t need to refurnish an entire room to hit the futuristic mark dead on. Sometimes all it takes is some smart lighting to free your living space from the mundane and ship it right across the universe. LED lights, if done right, can really give an interior an eye-catching futuristic touch. And the great thing about them is that they can be associated with the power of technology to personalize illumination, allowing you to change the colour of the lights or turn them on automatically when you need it the most, so they wouldn’t start a full-fledged assault on your eyes in the middle of the night. Outfitting your home with spacey LED lighting is fairly easy, as they come in thin, flexible strips that can be attached to all sorts of surfaces like the stairs, under the bed, along your entertainment unit, inside drawers, framing mirrors etc, making any dark area SF-inspired and much more hospitable.
Other lighting fixtures are shaped like asteroids, featuring multiple glowing facets that can improve your ambiance tremendously, giving it an abstract touch. And let’s not forget about floating lighting, physics-defying little gadgets that seem to levitate thanks to revolutionary concepts based on magnetic force.

Shapely designs

All furniture pieces featuring a minimalist design approach and interesting shapes transmit an appealing futuristic look. And who can say no to freedom from clutter? Flowing lines, rounded forms, sweeping contours, warped designs and artistic angles make for basic elements that make a great first impression. So, if you’re looking to buy furniture that looks out of this world, look for ultra-minimalist pieces in white, black or metallic colours. These will surely transform the aesthetic of your room into its Sci-Fi version.


The next generation furniture and appliances need only technological pizzazz to give off a spacey vibe. Touch screen panels, control buttons, surround sound, motion-activated lighting are just a few contemporary wonders that can turn something as simple as a platform bed into the furniture of the future!

3 Dimensional Wall Panels

What about the walls? They too can receive a futuristic makeover by installing 3D wall panels. These can instantly uplift your décor, enhancing it with a surprising play of light and shadows. Forget wallpaper!

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