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How to | Style Your Easter Dining Tablescape

So, here’s the plan: you’re hosting Easter this year but you want your tablescape to be #instagrammable. With endless styles to choose from, you’d be feeling overwhelmed. We’ve done the hard work for you though – so, relax! Get inspired.

Interior Spotlight | Luxurious Marble Dining Tables

A Luxurious Statement to Last a Lifetime Marble has been a statement of luxury in design-conscious homes for centuries. The differences in veining and colour distinguish two marble classics: Calacatta and Carrara Marble. Calacatta is known as a whiter stone with bold and distinguished veining, while Carrara has a soft grey tone with more subtle veining....

Interior Spotlight | Bar Stools with Backrest - Dining On Your Terms

Source: The scenario is all too familiar; you are having a group of people over for dinner for the first time. Maybe they are new friends, maybe work colleagues. You have prepared an elegant setting; aperitivo drinks and delicious hors-d'oeuvres at your Kitchen Island/ Bar Counter. It’s a place of gathering; you’re all going to have a...

How To | Dining Room Décor Ideas to Create a Modern Look

Styling and decorating an interesting dining room is more than spending your money on high-end furniture. With an endless amount of inspiration available, you want to focus on different styles of low stools, bar carts, chairs, and dining tables that can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your dining space. So, before you choose to invest in the

Interior Spotlight | We’ve Found the Best Designer Stools for Every Budget

A bar or kitchen counter is the quintessential gathering place in the home. On one side, someone can prepare a meal or snacks. On the opposite side, people can sit and chat, or work on school projects. So, having a set of functional bar stools with that extra oomph of style is important. But high-end designer stores would have...

Interior Spotlight | Perfect Dining Table Designs to Charm any Dining Area

One of the most used areas in the house, and one of the best to decorate, is the dining room. The dining room is important because it’s where everyone comes together for meals, so it should be a space that you’re proud of regardless of its size. The dining table especially plays a vital role in the dining room....

How To | Finding the Perfect Chair and Table for Your Dining Space

Does your dining room leave a lot to be desired, but you don’t know to design it? Most styling guides can be intimidating if you aren’t a designer. This guide makes it easier to find the perfect dining room tables and chair! Whether you love the ornate design or a minimalist approach, Interior Secrets’ dining tables and chairs have...

How To | Pick the Perfect Bar Stools

Purchasing a home with a bar can be very exciting! It provides a new surface at which you can interact, learn, play, and eat with friends and family. If you already have a bar, maybe it is time to update it by purchasing new bar stools? Once you start visiting stores or browsing online, you’ll find a plethora of...

How To | Choosing Your Dining Room Table and Chairs

The style of your new dining room table and chairs will define the look of your dining area, so it is important that you choose suitable and attractive furniture items. Matching and coordinating colours is a crucial design decision. A walnut table paired with chairs with cherry coloured legs could really clash and create an inharmonious design. The style of...

Interior Spotlight | The Importance of Bar Stools

Bar stools are crucial furniture items for the home and if you don’t use them right, they may go unnoticed. Bar stools are more than seats for the bar section. They are natural additions to your home and they are important in so many ways. How? Keep on reading. Style and personality Bar stools like the modern brenna bar...

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