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Interior Spotlight | We’ve Found the Best Designer Stools for Every Budget

A bar or kitchen counter is the quintessential gathering place in the home. On one side, someone can prepare a meal or snacks. On the opposite side, people can sit and chat, or work on school projects. So, having a set of functional bar stools with that extra oomph of style is important. But high-end designer stores would have you believe that bar stools cost too much, are difficult to choose, and can be a headache when they don’t live up to your expectations.

None of this has to be true. We have the scoop on bar stools that fit every style, need, and budget. Even if you want to use your stools as part of your design, and not just at the bar, we have stools for that, too!

Designer Bar Stools Under $150

Bar stools don’t have to break the bank and cheap stools don’t have to be ugly. Modern, vintage, sleek, crafty, and even the best replica stools are available for less than $150 each! We especially love the Tucker Bar/Counter Stool with its Walnut coloured base and bright yellow cushion. The modern curved seat combined with the richly coloured and sturdy oak base make this stool compatible with many spaces. It’s also just a really simple stool that provides a pop of colour and style in your home. As a low stool, this bar stool has the perfect dimensions for a counter-height bar.

Sets of Stools

Purchasing your bar stools in a set can get you more bang for your buck. The sleek curves and smooth lines of the walnut coloured Prato Wood Bar Stool set would be perfect in a home with a quaint and cosy bar space.

For a very modern space, the minimalist style of the Kass Bar Stool set is the perfect design choice. The stark white wire frame of the base combined with the deep tones of the walnut or black contoured veneer seats create a delightful contrast. You know what’s even better? The fact that the Kass Bar Stool comes in low stool sizes and an array of finishes!

If the bar stool is a style that you can’t live without, but you don’t have a bar, you can get a set of four stools with a matching table. The Seychelles Bar Setting (in Grey or White is perfect for large social spaces in your home. With limitless uses and ways to style, its simple and beautiful design is great for both indoor and protected outdoor settings.

Decorative Stools

For stools that add unique character to your space, the low stools make a great addition to your decor. Low stools are versatile. They can be used as ottomans, side tables, display tables, benches, extra seating, and more. The Malmo Socks Low Stool, coming in four colours, is playful with its coloured leg ends that do look like cute socks! They’re perfect for bright spaces and children’s rooms. For a bar stool that is a true statement piece, the Artega Smoked Oak Block Wooden Low Stool the dramatic touch for any space. It can even stand alone as a sculptural piece of decor.

Bar Stools as a Focal Point

Stools can serve as the focal point in an otherwise monotone or lightly decorated room. They are a chance to provide both exceptional form and function. For a stool that stands out and creates visual interest in a room, Ludwig Modern Counter Stool provides a pop of colour with its yellow base. The one-of-a-kind shape exudes a modern and vintage charm perfect for any eclectic style.

Do you want an option that is more cost effective? Try the shiny red Tolix Bar Stool inspired by Xavier Pauchard. The design of the Tolix stool is simple enough to complement several styles from colour industrial to quirky urban spaces. Check out the various varieties of Tolix bar stool at our website.

Completing a space with bar stools can seem tricky, especially when they don’t fit your decor budget. Then, when you do finally find some that are within your budget, it’s difficult to choose which one would compliment your home the best. No matter your style or budget, you can find the perfect bar stools to make your decor complete at Interior Secrets!