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Style Focus | The Christmas Dining Edition

When it comes to updating your home decor for the holidays, many people focus on tree ornaments, outdoor light installations and hanging decorations for the mantle or the staircase. The dining room décor is equally important, representing one of the easiest ways to showcase your guests your version of the holiday spirit and create a more memorable Christmas dining edition.
Christmas décor ideas for your dining room

Glittery, scented pine cones

Not a fan of festive dishware and complicated napkin decorations? Using something as simple as pine cones gathered from your background you can create a sparkly ornament that will imbue your home in a warming holiday aroma. You’ll need cinnamon-scented oil and a glitter spray. Scatter them throughout the dinner table or gather them in an ornamental bowl and you’re done!

Traditional red & greens with a rustic touch

Dress your dinner décor in the most familiar Christmas colour scheme whilst illustrating the warmth and organic appeal of timber tones. Adorn your trusty wooden table with an atypical recipient such as a wooden toolbox and fill it with florist’s foam to firmly contain fresh evergreens, red pillar candles and a beaded garland or even cranberries!

A floating display of light

Candles are an ubiquitous addition for holiday décor but why use it just like everyone else and not create an unconventional display as your centerpiece of choice? Take a tray or jug and fill it with water, then carefully place floating candles for a simple, but effective glowing ornamentation.

Holiday wreaths

With numerous guests and a smaller dining table overflowing with dish plates and glassware, ornaments no longer have room in this equation. You can still help everyone get into the holiday cheer by hanging Christmas wreaths above the dining room entryway, on the door or above the table, held by a chandelier. If you want something simple and sophisticated, get a Styrofoam wreath and wrap fresh sage around it or use peacock feathers to create a holiday decoration everyone will remember!

Basic decorations

Spent too much time in the kitchen and don’t have any more time to invest in Christmas decoration for your dining room? Hang evergreens from your lighting fixtures, sprinkle small baubles on the table and use red ribbons to dress up the back of the chairs. Easy, right?

Winter white magic

A white table cloth and china will always lend a sense of formal sophistication to any dining setting. But for Christmas, you need to throw in some magic too! Add sheer glass and metallic elements and use potted mini Christmas trees as focal point. Spray-paint them with artificial snow, use galvanized paint to dress up the pots in the right colour and hang light and star ornaments for an enchanting glow.

Golden whites

Dreaming of a Christmas dining setting as depicted in interior design magazines? Use an elegant cream-coloured table runner featuring gold accents, place one over-sized pillar candle at each end of the table, dress the seating in off-white covers and create a refined centre piece of beautiful fresh flowers, be it white tulips, magnolia or lilies.

Gift-wrapped dish setting

For the ultimate Christmas dining edition, look for inspiration right under the tree. Recreate the surprise-effect of wrapped gifts by layering your favorite china with a simple cloth napkin and tie the whole ensemble together with ribbon in a complementary shade, making a pretty bow right in the centre.