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Style Focus | Top 5 Christmas Home Decor Ideas

This the season to be merry with Christmas baubles, wreaths, ribbons and such, an always welcomed intrusion into our usual home decor. Thinking of tying the embellishments to a certain theme? The trendier, the merrier, so here are our Top 5 Christmas Décor Ideas so you can celebrate in style and in tune with your home aesthetic

Summer blues

No, not that kind of blues, but the ones that would look amazing in a white Christmas tree. The blue palette has been a strong trend so far and it continues to be popular in home design, that including holiday decorations as well. Blue trinkets have been around in past years, often combined with whites and silvers, but this time a warmer mix takes centre stage: various shades of blues combined with champagne, copper and brown tones for distinguished elegance.

Christmas clarity

Translucence is a big trend in interior design this year, ergo we cannot imagine the holidays not having some ‘sheer’ appeal. Think icicle decorations, glass figurines, clear acrylic baubles and frosted finishes. These can be used alone as a subdued and delicate way of ornamenting, or mixed with soft cool tones like mint greens & light blues, as well as metallic shades for added colour and sparkle.

Metallic elegance

Metallic tones have always been associated with the decorating frenzy around Christimas time, and even though the supremacy of silver and gold as classic hues won’t ever be undermined by the inclusion of newer tones, that doesn’t mean you can’t focus your home décor ideas around the warming lustre of copper or bronze. Metallic brown accents like these can form rich compositions of colour, pairing nicely with emerald greens, reds, burgundies, dark blues, turquoise or pinks.

Scandinavian Noel

There’s more to Christmas than glitz and the ubiquitous red&green power combo. If the sight of traditional Christmas decorations makes you cringe yet you still wish to immerse your living space into holiday spirit, why not prepare a nature-inspired Noel instead? Have a look at Scandinavian trends for inspiration. Use the warm tones and textured appeal of wood mixed with winter whites to create a calming feel. You could replace the Christmas tree with a large tree branch which you can hung horizontally over the dining table and adorn it with clear baubles and other understated Christmas trinkets. Use feathers to create lovely bohemian wreaths to evoke the peace and serenity of holidays, place fairy lights as alternative to dazzling ornamentation, adorn your place with white flowers like magnolias and orchids and scatter animal figurines made of glass or wood throughout your home. Popular motifs include polar bears, penguins and reindeer, as well as birds and forest creatures like squirrels, foxes and owls.

Rainbow magic

Do you want your Christmas home décor to evoke summer as well? Can’t decide on a particular colour theme? Why not have a rainbow Christmas embellished with everything you love? Christmas-wise, there’s no right or wrong when decorating. Embellish a white tree with baubles in every colour of the rainbow, let your passion for the quirky and whimsical dictate your home décor, try DIY projects, spell out Christmassy messages using oversized letters or chalk boards which are oh-so-trendy right now, play with motifs and combine holiday purchases with beach-inspired décor. Have some fun with it!