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Trend Alert | Top 5 Outdoor Furniture Settings

Whether your outdoor space translates into a garden, a patio, a porch or a pool, make the most out of the warm weather by creating a stylish, comfortable and durable lounge area. How do you take alfresco dining to a whole new level? By becoming a material savvy and taking inspiration from our top 5 outdoor furniture sets that will make your outside space feel as trendy and relaxing as your living room!

Casual wicker

It should come as no surprise that wicker is a permanent resident in many people’s homes. No matter what trends emerge, rattan will always be amongst the favourites because it never grows out of style! It’s warm, homely, gives off an organic vibe, versatile and represents the perfect foundation for whatever cushions and pillows you decide to throw on! A word of caution though: not just any kind of rattan belongs in our top 5 outdoor furniture sets. Think modular ensembles made of synthetic rattan treated with a resin finish and supporting premium fabrics that are easily removable and weather resistant. You wouldn’t want them ruined after your future sangria accident, now would you?

Romantic wrought iron sets

Limited outdoor space? It too can make a statement updated with an adorable wrought iron setting comprised of a round table surrounded by sleek yet voluptuous chairs. Showcase your style and gravitate towards feminine or masculine touches by choosing lacquered wrought iron pieces in the colour tones you desire and donning the type of cushions that appeal to you the most. You’ll need the latter to ensure improved comfort and to prevent the pieces from heating up in sunlight. Welded wrought iron outdoor furniture makes for the most durable type, surpassing any other material destined for outside use.

Playful plastic

Can’t purchase outdoor furniture without budget restraints? How about a trendy plastic furniture set? Don’t let your thoughts be invaded by those dull ensembles you usually see in commercial settings. We’re talking about lively furniture characterized by longevity and bold splashes of colour. Regular plastic pieces are not suitable for the outdoors, but weather-resistant plastic is. Such furniture is UV-resistant, rustproof, maintenance free, lightweight and stackable, representing an inexpensive choice you can opt for to brighten up your space. Look for chic designs with noteworthy colour finishes and you won’t underestimate plastic again!

Stand for industrial

Indoor industrial furniture is renowned for its style appeal and durability so why not make the outdoor an extension of your personal taste and throw onto your patio or deck some well-built pieces inspired by the industrial trend? The thing we love about industrial furniture sets is that they don’t have to be matchy-matchy, on the contrary. Pair a concrete dining table with some galvanized stools and your outdoor space will borrow that super-fashionable factory look!

Contemporary blend

Concerned about the use of timber as outdoor material, while others such as aluminium seem to lack the warmth you seek? How about you use contemporary combos as your line of defense against bland outdoor settings? Nowadays you can have the best of both worlds by combining different materials especially designed to use in open-air. Painted aluminium is popular for its longevity while teak is renowned for holding up very well to outdoor use, even as much as wrought iron! See below how some materials seem to had been made for each other!