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Style Focus | What Furniture Is in Style for 2016

We bid farewell to 2015 and now look forward to giving our homes a fresh, new look that reflects the attitude of 2016 interior styling. But what furniture trends emerged to give us the inspiration we seek to transform our living space into a fashionable den? Find out below!

Colour authority

And we’re reaching out to Pantone yet again for 2016 colour inspiration. This year’s forecast crowned not one, but two shades and they are the perfect match for one another: Rose Quartz and Serenity. The first is a versatile pastel pink and the other a tranquil blue tone. Used together as furniture colour finishes, they will bring a sense of calm and harmony into your living space.

Warm metal accents

They may be used more frequently in bathrooms and kitchens, or in lighting fixtures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in furniture. Brass, rose gold, copper and gold accent your furniture, giving it a touch of glam and sophistication. Look for smaller pieces like coffee tables and lamp tables boasting a refreshing combination of warm metals and other materials like wood and glass.

Update on coastal living

Coastal and nautical styles are evergreen, and what you must do to bring the look into 2016 is to steer clear from the obvious and use furniture pieces that hint towards marine-inspired décor. For example, a dining table made of reclaimed wood covered in a striped table cloth showcasing a white and grey colour palette instead of the ubiquitous blue. Use chairs crafted from natural materials like jute and rattan.

Stone greys

Trends come and go but there will always be room for neutral colours and this year greys are more popular than ever before! Use them in furniture as the ideal companion for soft pastel tones or to bring balance to bold, saturated colours.

Multifunctional furniture

Coordinating with our expanding need for function, furniture designers have come up with ways to customize pieces into performing several roles in one, making multifunctional furniture one of the most expected yet surprising trends of 2016.

Matte black metal furniture

Blackened iron and steel accents are very fashionable right now. They can emerge as exposed legs and frames in furniture, or you can choose to flaunt entire pieces made of hardware. It’s unflashy, easy to match and exceptionally modern.

Natural materials and edgy upcycling

Natural materials, with their rough textures and honest rawness are destined to give character to our living spaces and create an edgy setting paired with vivid colour materials. Salvaged and weathered wood, concrete, rattan, all these materials will populate the outdoor as well as indoor spaces, creating exceptional contrast, dimension and texture.

Future is psychedelic

We’re talking botanical and outdoor prints showcased in bright tones and clashing palettes that fall outside of their obvious colour scheme. The result is wild and modern and creates a statement effect in favour of the organic vibe we’ve grown accustomed with. To ensure your home depicts this trend without turning into a chaotic display, look for one or two accent pieces like a vibrantly upholstered armchair, a small dining chair set or a decadent love seat.

Curvaceous 70s-inspired furniture

The interest lies in shapely furniture designs and funky geometrics that translate into accent textiles. These will add instant visual appeal to a room and can be easily incorporated into current settings.