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Interior Spotlight | Why Homewares Should be Your First Focus

Homewares really do change the interior look of almost any home as well as create a more polished aesthetic for your décor. Without the proper homewares a room can seem extremely unfinished and you may not have access to the ideal look to complete your space well. Here are some of the top strategies that you can use with your designer homewares to really finish off a space and tie in your design scheme well:

Using throw cushions for contrast: something as simple as some throw cushions for your couch can be amazing focal point for your room. Art throw pillows are an excellent way that you can build a stark contrast from a couch that has very neutral tones. Cushions are not only extremely comfortable for use with your couch but they can create a beautiful contrast against the look of your room and the design elements that you have added. Brighter throw cushions such as the aqua colored, felt cushions are a beautiful way to create contrast from neutral decor items or even tie in the colors from surrounding art pieces too.

Using mirrors to open up the space: quality mirrors can be a beautiful way that you can add more light into a room as well as focus on the total amount of space that is open in a smaller room. Mirrors can really add an artistic new element to almost any type of space and they are a wonderful way that you can make the most out of small spaces by improving natural light. A few designer mirrors can really change the look of your décor. Something subtle like the Flynn round mirror can be a fantastic choice for opening up a space with more natural light.

Bringing in throw rugs: A nice area rug or a throw rug can be a beautiful way that you can improve the colors and the light across your space. Unique styled rugs that are designed to match the art in your room or play a contrast to act as a focal point in your living room can be important. With the help of a brightly colored art piece such as the denim hooks, & hand stitched rugs you can enjoy drawing all eyes in the room directly to this unique decor piece. A throw rug can double as an art pieces well and you could even consider hanging a rug like this up on the wall to create a massive tapestry.

Bringing in artificial plants: Natural elements for your space like plants can be a fantastic way to bring nature in. In an urban environment especially, having access to some artificial plants can really help you to feel more in touch with nature. Natural plant can also play a complementary role if you have plenty of photography or landscapes available in your décor theme. The nice part about natural plants as they don’t have to worry about watering them, caring for them or about damaging them. The only consideration that you will have to make with this decor element is regular dust. Items like the Stella Magnolia Bush are a great fixture that can be placed in a living room setting or into the corner of a room for building a nice contrast or complimenting piece for natural décor elements.

A great wall clock: a top-quality wall clock is an excellent decor piece that you can use for acting as a focal point for art on your wall as well as a functional timepiece for your room. Wall clocks are a great way to stay organized in your kitchen, office or living room and they can often be one of the main décor features for a room that is neutrally decorated. With the help of the right colors and a wall clock or the right style, you can complement your furniture, the architecture of your building or even focus on the subtle finishes of your room. Top wall clocks like the Juana Tate analog clock are an excellent design piece that can really finish off a room.

As you can see from some of these top examples, the idea of finishing off your space with great quality homewear is an important step to making the most of your décor. For all of the best in new homeware trends, check on the Interior Secrets catalog today.