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How To | 5 Ideas to Accessorise Your Home with a Modern Touch

For a range of home environments, incorporating modern decor is crucial in producing attractive, trendy vibes. The subtle colours, natural materials, and simplicity of modern elements are capable of making any room stand out.


There is nothing more classic than a beautiful clock as a focal piece for your room decor. Modern clocks combine soft coloured metals with beautiful wood or stone patterns. Look at the pentagonal Destiny Mantel Clock for instance; it has a luxurious marbled pattern and rose gold hands, and even the Bruce Wall Clock brings minimalist style in its timber-toned herringbone pattern.


The reflections from each mirror make a space feel larger whilst also brightening up any room. Our modern mirrors rejuvenate bare walls by displaying a sophisticated style. Whether you choose the pastel colours of the Mira Duo mirrors or the geometric shape the Flynn Geo mirror, you will love the beautiful and modern flair that it adds to your decor.

Bold Wall Art

Wall art pieces with bold colours or soft tones can make a huge statement in your favourite rooms. You can incorporate artistic prints like Flights of Fancy to make an impact to your visitors. For a softer and more delicate touch, the Avery Wall Art Print or the Secret Garden Wall Art Print are sure to create an awe-inspiring presence.


Artificial plants are the new modern trend and require less cleaning than real plants. Succulents like the Cacti Artificial Plant Terrariums are very realistic and are kept in uniquely shaped glass bowls. Alternatively, you can display small flora in the sleek, geometric design of the Tri Multi Wall Planter with black pot holders and brass metal accents.


Modern lamps and pendants can be minimal in design from straight lines and shaped designs. The more extravagant lights showcase iconic shapes such as tripods, antique lamp heads, and creative geometric shapes. You can’t go wrong with a lamp like the Columbus Tripod floor lamp with its modern natural wood colour and vintage aluminium stage light.

The next time you want to update your home decor, a modern geometric mirror or tripod lamp may be exactly what you need. Give these modern designs a try!