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How To | Add Style to Your Rooms With a Buffet

Buffet tables, sideboards and cabinets make for wonderful wall fillers, as storage pieces and on their own, can simply be visually stunning staples that distinguishes a room from being bland to fab. Whether you are already an owner of a buffet and want to re-arrange your setting, or have considered purchasing one but are in need of helpful tips and styling ideas, look no further. Here are some buffet ideas for your home.

Choosing your piece

With such a huge array of buffet styles on offer, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with choices regardless of the design of your home.

Firstly, thoroughly consider what you’ll use and need a buffet for. Before purchasing designer furniture online, always take into account what your priority would be in terms of use or the place in which your piece will sit, before decorating or looking at everything else that may be in the room. For instance, the size of your room would come first before ticking every other box on the list.

If you’re simply after a wall-filler, measure the space available and ensure you leave enough room on each end of the buffet or sideboards so the piece is centered.
For storage lovers, buffets with drawers or large cabinet space are for you! These pieces are significantly functional and can work in both dining and living areas.


Buffets with glass cabinets are ideal for displaying gorgeous china and porcelains. If you have an open plan home, these look great in the area between a lounge and dining; however, if you’re using it to store dishes, placement in a dining room will work best! As an alternative to a library piece, use your glass buffet to store and display books in your lounge or study and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Buffets with light timber, or a white wash finish are quite popular and work great with both contemporary and rustic homes. This looks especially eye-catching against a white or charcoal wall, complemented with home décors of a similar colour scheme.
Undoubtedly, black buffets and dark woods are classics, and in a lounge room look particularly fantastic styled with candle stands or a large vase.

If you’re after an extra elegant and sophisticated look, finish your piece with a glass top and hang a mirror above for infinite brightness!

Like everything, finding the right style for you takes time and practice so experiment your colours and don’t be afraid to introduce eccentricity (whether in the design of your piece or within your homeware.)

There is no right or wrong and the amazing thing about buffets is the amount of creativity you can unleash when decorating them. Happy styling!