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Interior Spotlight | Choosing a Coffee Table to Accent Your Living Room Style

If the living room is the center of your home life, then your coffee table is the center of activity in your living room. Strategically positioned in between the sofa and the entertainment unit—two of the largest pieces of living room furniture—your coffee table is sure to draw notice from everyone who enters the room. Coffee table accent the other furniture choices in your living room. Treat your coffee table choice as an afterthought, however, and you could spoil an otherwise fabulous look.

Beyond style, it’s important that your coffee table be functional. Apart from the kitchen table, this is the table around which your friends and family will most frequently gather. This means that a coffee table is the workhorse of the living room. It must function as a drink stand and an impromptu dinner table. It will be the site of late-night card games and a storage spot for magazines and remote controls. At times, your coffee table may have to bear the brunt of feet being propped on it or kids sitting on it.

When it comes to both style and function, here are a few factors to keep in mind, as well as some coffee table choices that you’re sure to adore.

When to Go with Glass

If you’re working within the confines of a smaller living room, the addition of too much furniture can make the space feel cramped. To avoid this, choose a glass coffee table to open things up. The Arna Scandinavian Coffee Table pulls focus through the tabletop and towards its natural wood base. Open and airy, it’s a great choice if your living room is on the small side.

A glass coffee table is also a great choice if the rest of your living room furniture is large and heavy. Solid surfaces draw the eye and make smaller rooms look cluttered. Contrasting a glass coffee table with a bulky, solid sofa and chairs will prevent the space from becoming visually overwhelming. For a light and elegant living room addition, the Marcel Glass Coffee Table will provide a contemporary touch. Its minimalist frame is made of sturdy metal so it will look stunning for years to come.

Got Kids? Think Round

If you don’t have a gaggle of small children roaming around your home, you’re afforded the freedom to choose whatever coffee table tickles your fancy. Perhaps an Industrial Reclaimed Cart? If you need a bit of extra storage, maybe an Atlantic Trunk Box Coffee Table would come in handy.

However, for families with little ones, the sharp edges on square and rectangular coffee tables can pose an injury risk that sends them looking for safer furniture options. Have no fear, though! Just because you’re limited by shape doesn’t mean you’re limited to any certain style. There is a round coffee table to fit every size and style of living room. Clean and contemporary, the Asher Round Coffee Table is an understated choice to accent your other furniture pieces. 

Marvellous Marble

If you want your coffee table to be the statement in your living room, marble is the way to go. Nothing says luxury and fine tastes like beautifully-veined marble installed on the perfect base. A laser-cut brass base sets off this Cocktail Round Marble Coffee Table, elevating an elegant tabletop to the height of living room fashion. For a choice that’s a bit more low-key, the Robin Marble Coffee Table features a gorgeous marble top set on a symmetrical metal frame base. Keep in mind that marble table tops do have a heavy look to them and can easily overwhelm a room if they’re not paired with the right sofa and chairs.

Whether your preference is glass, round, marble or some other style of coffee table, it’s important to find the right one. The guide above will get you started. With a little research, you’re sure to find the perfect coffee table for your home and your lifestyle.


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