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How To | Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

Tight on space? With these brilliant space-saving ideas, you won’t need to sacrifice aesthetic or functionality. Your interior will look practical, stylish and more open.

Mind the visual weight

To make the most out of your space, you can buy small scale furniture. But it’s not just the size that can influence the way a space looks, it’s also the visual weight of your furniture that affects it. This is why you should opt for pieces in light colours, as well as sleek, delicate pieces and furniture with legs. Heavy upholstered pieces and boxy furniture is not the way to go in this case. You should be able to see under the furniture to trick the eye into perceiving the space as larger.

Barely there furniture

And we’re talking pieces crafted from transparent materials such as the renowned ghost chairs consisting of clear acrylic. A see-through table is just as useful and a very chic version to use and expand your visual space.

Seating with built-in storage

Is storage an issue? It often can be in crowded spaces. You can minimize the issue by acquiring lounge chairs, stools and benches with concealed storage. Flip a lid open and voila! A stylish place where all the clutter can vanish.

Multipurpose furniture

Speaking of double-duty furniture, there’s no reason why you should let furniture take up all the space when you can reduce drastically the amount of pieces you need by acquiring furniture that can serve multiple purposes. A pretty table by the bed can turn into a nightstand, side table, desk or vanity in the blink of an eye!

Extendable sofas

A king or queen size bed sure sounds good, but if you have a small bedroom, you’d benefit more from an extendable sofa. And when the bedroom serves as living room, the reason why you should purchase a functional sofa becomes that much clearer.

Drop-leaf tables and consoles

Drop-leaf tables, with their hinged flaps that extend to accommodate more people make wonderful choices for small kitchens and dining rooms. And when tight spaces don’t leave much room for a full round table, a console, with its slashed top tucked by the wall becomes the best alternative for any side table.

Portable, small-scale furniture

A heavy, rectangular coffee table has the reputation of a major knee-knocker, so why not make traffic easier by having a couple of nesting coffee tables, small, pretty and light which you can move around to where you need them the most?