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How To | Brighten up a Room

There is more to lightening up your living space than painting your walls white. Yet that doesn’t make things complicated. There are plenty of ways you can take advantage of smart furnishing and decorating, enabling you to work with the current space and light you have towards creating a vivid and inviting ambiance.

Reflective surfaces

Adding mirrors bounce light and can work wonders in making a space appear larger and brighter. Although some may suggest using full-wall mirrors, the side-effect of having everything appear twice can be more of a nuisance than creating balance. Instead, use a smaller mirror and position it optimally so that it absorbs most light possible to bounce back. Mirrored mosaic-like tiles or eclectic and vintage-inspired mirrors are your best bet, aside from representing a great style feature.

Don’t limit the use of reflective surfaces to using mirrors. Glass vases and decorative items, as well as metallic fixtures and furniture made of transparent materials like a series of ghost chairs or an acrylic coffee table allow you to make the most out of the lighting you have and create the illusion of openness.

Psychology of colour

Instead of risking giving your home an institutional feel by painting everything white, how about you embrace the beauty of colour to make your space look positive, energetic and bright? Use fabrics in vibrant shades to liven up any dark corner. Cushions, throws, rugs, sofa covers and bedspreads in bold pastels, saturated colours and even neon hues will take away the gloominess, layer by layer. Homewares, wall finishes and small furniture pieces in metallic shades have the same effect, adding sparkle and style without much effort.

If you wish to turn your attention to your walls without covering everything in coats of paint, remember to just paint your ceiling white to add height to the room and use vibrant wall decals to elevate the overall mood of the space.

Smart storage and de-cluttering

Crowded items give off a bad vibe and can make a room appear darker and claustrophobic. Eliminate clutter by tucking away unattractive items inside drawers and cabinets and if you are to use open storage, put colourful books and reflective decorative items on display on light-hued mounted shelving units

Say no to heavy drapes and curtains

They make your space appear smaller and obstruct light. Use lightweight, airy curtains, blinds and shades in light colours. Pick opaque window accessories if privacy is an issue.

Plants will surely brighten up a room

Make a room feel alive with plants, real or artificial ones. Nothing is as rejuvenating and exhilarating as a few touches of green. Try to use flowers and blooming plants whenever possible for the full effect.