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How To | Creating a Stylish and Contemporary Living Room

If you’d be forced to choose one room in your living space to invest all your efforts in furnishing and decorating, the living room would be the priority. And if the contemporary style would be the primary source of inspiration, creating a stylish living room could take numerous turns, as this style is one of the most versatile and adaptable there is, however there are a few aspects all contemporary living rooms have in common, and these are…

Minimal outfitting

The contemporary aesthetic is a less-is-more kind of decorating style that relies on streamlined, sleek furniture and simple accents to create an uncluttered space that allows easy visual movement and foot traffic.

Relaxing neutrals

Contemporary living rooms are often immersed in understated colour palettes whose chromatic tranquillity is interrupted by tactile textures or exhilarating colour accents.

Colourful kick

On the other hand, you may as well pull off a stylish contemporary living room look by relying on colour to supply the wow factor, becoming evident through colour-blocking combinations , decadent monochromes or funky geometrical patterns.

Power of shape

Though geometric designs and simple, architectural shapes sometimes dominate, you can still achieve a contemporary living room by letting in organic influences. A minimal and modern trunk coffee table is a great choice to instil a rustic touch, and so would a trendy chandelier crafted from reclaimed wood.

Mix of materials

To maximize the impact of contemporary style without forgoing elements of the past, you can rediscover certain materials and create eclectic combinations with a modern, quirky vibe. A stark leather modular can look terrific paired with a glossy rectangular MDF table and a Persian handmade rug.

Size matters

Juggling with size can play a huge part in creating a stylish contemporary living room. Use items of different sizes as a way to add height, dimension and interest to an otherwise flat room. An oversized floor lamp or abstract print will surely interrupt the visual levelling of the room for extra oomph.

Playful designs

Contemporary living rooms can often pass as cold, impersonal, stark. Break those boundaries by adding fun elements such as a uniquely shaped chair or coffee table, a diaphanous ceiling fixture or an eye-catching area rugs in an interesting pattern or shape.

Sustainable components

Thankfully for Mother Earth, the use of recycled elements has become a common occurrence in many homes. Nowadays, it’s easy to spot contemporary living rooms incorporating furniture or décor accents made from reclaimed, salvaged or sustainable materials. A coffee table constructed from repurposed wooden pallets, salvaged industrial lighting fixtures, jute rugs or handmade ottomans crafted from recycled fabrics are all examples of how homeowners can create lovely contrasts in their contemporary living rooms and care for the environment.

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