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How To | Organising and Designing the Perfect Living Room

The living room of your house is probably a room that sees the most use and the one where you create the most memories. From curling up on the couch with your significant other to watch a movie to staying up until the early hours of the morning playing board games and enjoying the company of friends and family. Living rooms are associated with so much joy, and so much entertainment. That entertainment of course involves TVs and all of the wires and operating units that can go along with having a TV. The last thing you want is for that high-traffic room of your house to look cluttered from wires and other odds and end. You need media storage space with the right combination of shelving to create space for decoration. Keep reading on to learn about the things that you should keep in mind when choosing a TV unit, entertainment unit or TV cabinets.

1) Storage is key

You need a lot of space for storage in your living room so that it is easy to keep any of the odds and ends you need easy to access while minimising the appearance of clutter. From movies to chords to cards, choosing a TV unit with plenty of drawers and cabinet spaces would help you accomplish the goal of minimising clutter in your living room. Storage is also key if you want to keep your electronics tucked away and safe from any sort of damage that may come about when entertaining large crowds or keeping small children out of harm’s way. Our Laurent TV Unit that makes sense for the odds and ends that you have in your living room so that clutter is not an issue to accomplishing your ideal space.

2) Bring together your ideal space

You have probably spent a lot of time dreaming up the perfect living room space for your home. Choosing ideas from and being inspired by the many living rooms that you have probably seen in your lifetime, it is crucial to have an entertainment unit that brings your entire vision for your space together. You definitely need to consider the colour of your TV entertainment unit so that it brings together the other furniture that you have in your living room. If you are going with neutral coloured couches and tables, the TV entertainment unit should fit into the colour scheme. You could also go the complete opposite route and choose TV cabinets or a TV unit that is a statement piece by incorporating a bright colour that stands out.

3) Do double duty

You can absolutely maximise a smaller living room space by choosing a TV entertainment unit that doubles the duty of storage and a strong and sturdy top to place a TV. Many TV entertainment units have ideal combinations of open shelving and tucked away storage with cabinet doors. These units help to keep your space looking clutter free while still offering the opportunity to display personality and decorations through shelving. Never compromise a warm and welcoming feel for your living room for clunky and less than appealing storage spaces that don’t hold your TV.

4) Play it vintage

A big flat screen TV mounted on your wall is no reason to keep you from having something that resembles a more traditional TV entertainment centre. It is definitely possible to bring charm and traditional home furniture into a modern space while keeping a vintage feel through your TV unit. An old school buffet makes a great living room space for storage within the TV space. You can create a traditional setup with ideal functionality while being unique. A shorter TV cabinet can also create this same look and feel that you would get with a buffet while keeping a TV mounted on the wall.

When you choose a TV entertainment unit, you have to pick one that is the right combination of storage and shelving to keep clutter out of sight and show personality with decorations. Choose one that complements the look and feel of your living room in design and colour scheme.

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