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How To | Ideas to Brighten up the Dining Room

Arguably the most frequented area in your home, dining rooms are the perfect projects for a makeover. The good news is that it can be done so simply; often just a single standout piece can make your dining room furniture look and feel brand new.

Play with themes, colour accents and everything in between. Regardless of the style of your little nook, these timeless statement ideas are bound to freshen up any home and make your dining area lively and lovely.


Perhaps the greatest invention of illusion, mirrors are the number one go-to for room revamps making even the smallest areas look infinitely bigger.
With most dining rooms located near a window, the simple addition of a wall mirror can instantaneously illuminate your whole house leaving no room for error. There are an abundance of styles available for different types of homes though even plain mirrors can make all the difference!

Style Suggestion:

Layering a few basic mirrors adds extra style. However, mirrors with unique shapes/frames are perfect for creating a glamorous statement

Mix and match dining chairs

It may strike as unusual for those who aren’t yet familiar with this new craze, but throwing a variety of chairs stylishly lights up any dining area like wildfire. The mismatching of chairs adds character to what may be an otherwise traditional-looking room and sparks your imagination and creativity when choosing your pieces. The wonderful thing about mix and matching is its endless flexibility. It can suit absolutely any style of home and can complement more than one style. For instance, dressing up a rustic table with a mix of modern chairs or vice versa.

Style Suggestion:

Sitting larger, upholstered chairs at the two table ends creates an elegant look. Conversely, having a bench seat on one side of the table makes for a cozy, flawless addition.


Rugs look impeccable in any room so if you’re looking to dress up your dining area, these bold staples prolifically create statements with very little effort. They’re pleasant to look at and make the room a little richer. We understand the potential horror that comes with rugs however (children dropping food, wine spills, dog paws) so if you’re fearful of stains, opt for a darker colour or pattern. You’ll have no trouble finding a huge range of colours, styles and designs available so regardless of your flooring, we’ve got something to suit your home – make it say something about you!

Style Suggestion:

Choose a rug large enough to cover the whole dining space, including the chairs. It’d also be a good idea to use the rug as a colour guide from which you can base the scheme of your home decor like frames, canvases and plants.