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Interior Spotlight | Interior Secrets Revealed - Top 10 Bar Stools

Bar stools may only be one small element of an interior design, but they can make a bold statement. Whether at home, in a restaurant or bar interior, today’s bar stool designs are stepping out with edgy yet wonderfully familiar forms and retro colours.

Choose simple, straightforward designs to complement your streamlined kitchen space. Embrace the industrial vibe with cool metal accents and rustic finishes. Or sink into the elegant form of traditional bar stools from yesteryear. With hundreds of bar stool designs to choose from, there truly is something for every space.
So order a cocktail and hang around a while because here are 10 bar stools well worth admiring:

1. Charles Ghost bar stool – Philippe Starck Replica

See things clearly with this kitchen stool, which is the epitome of retro cool. Fun, stackable and scratch-resistant, the Charles Ghost bar stool works wonders in contemporary interiors.

2. LEM Piston Inspired bar stool

This ravishing bar stool is a must have for any contemporary space where high gloss and stainless steel finishes are on show. With a unique silhouette, these kitchen stools can be found in trendy kitchens and bars around the world. And it’s no wonder – their stunning appearance is matched by comfort. 

3. Replica Standard Bar Stool by Jean Prouvé

Who knew 1934 would be a turning point in bar stool design? Engineer, architect and designer Jean Prouvé combined comfort and retro style in a way never seen before. Eighty years on and this stool is making people feel at home in interiors everywhere.

4. Eames DSW replica bar stool

There’s something about this minimalist design that entices you in. Maybe it’s the perfect ergonomic shape, the contemporary form or Eiffel Tower frame. Whatever it is, this bar stool is one we can happily sit in for hours.

5. Industrial Stool Turner replica

Combining industrial-chic style with vintage architectural good looks, this distinctive stool is inspired by the classic stools that were popular in France in the early-twentieth century. Today it works as a kitchen stool and a bar stool, bringing visual appeal to any space.

6. Tolix Bar Stool

We love the colours and simplicity of these modern bar stools. Sturdy, comfy and bright – what more could you ask for in a stool?

7. Industrial Factory Bar Stool

These fabulous bar stools are rustic and industrial with a hint of glam. The utilitarian height adjustment brings an honest beauty to the design, which is perfect for kitchens and bars alike.


8. Web Bar Stool

Rulebook, what rulebook? Konstantin Grcic threw it out when designing “Stool One”, which is what this stool is based on. The play of lines and geometric shapes is a real conversation starter in any kitchen or bar space.

9. Hans Wegner Wishbone Bar Stool

Classical portraits of Danish merchants seated on Chinese Ming chairs were the inspiration for Hans Wegner when he designed the Wishbone Chair in 1949. And his classic touch continues to flow through into interiors today.

10. Brazil Bar Stool

With a variety of vibrant colour options and comfortable seat, the only question to ask is how many of these modern bar stools to get.

Which bar stool is your favourite? Find all these and more in our bar stool collection at Interior Secrets.