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Interior Spotlight | Tolix: Ground-Breaking, Industrial, Elegant Design from Xavier Pauchard

Way back in 1934, a roofer and zinc worker from the forests of Morvan, Burgundy was about to start a design revolution.
At a time when most household items were created from wood, Xavier Pauchard identified the possibility of a new industrial aesthetic that would change the course of furniture design forever.

When Pauchard discovered that sheet metal dipped in molten zinc would galvanise it and thus protect it from all the outdoor elements, he started to design and manufacture household items from steel and sheet metal.

The Tolix Marais “A” Chair – A revolution in design

Pauchard’s most famous design is the Marais A Chair. This chair is the perfect combination of sleek design, industrial elegance, and practicality and has since become a symbol of ground-breaking furniture design throughout the world.

Whether used as statement pieces in a neighbourhood bistro or used in the homes of forward-thinking homeowners with an appreciation for contemporary design, the Tolix Marais A Chair took very little time to make a huge impression on the world.

The chair features holes in the seat so that the rain might drip through, promoting its function as an outdoor item. The chair was designed so that 25 dining chairs can be stacked on top of each other, making the Tolix Marais A ideal for practical use in commercial settings such as cafés and restaurants.

Eighty years on from Pauchard’s innovation the world is still mesmerised by his unique use of industrial materials. The Tolix brand still carries the same industrial aesthetic, working with steel to create functional, simple and elegant furniture.

Tolix holds the Marais A Chair at the heart of its brand, but has also launched a number of other dynamic furniture items. From factory owners through to restaurant owners, and of course home owners with an appreciation for design – the Tolix customer base is vast and includes celebrity fans such as Terrence Conrad.

Tolix Marais Barstools – redefining the humble barstool

One particular item from the Tolix catalogue that has also achieved ‘icon’ status is the famous Marais Barstool. Similar in aesthetic to the A Chair, these bar stools are produced from a galvanised stool frame, offering functional strength, clean lines, and comfort.

And because these stools are produced in a variety of dynamic, eye catching colours, they can add a bold statement to any living, drinking, or dining area. Imagine a pair of bright yellow Tolix bar stools nestled into your dining area – they would not only provide comfort and an appealing design element to your home, but also a fascinating conversation point. 

Tolix Dining Tables – a striking extension of the designer’s personality

Another of the Tolix brand’s most enduringly popular items is the Tolix dining table. With the trademark steel legs of the brand, these dining tables can be fitted with a wooden table top, creating a striking aesthetic difference between the combination of natural and industrial elements. In fact, the Tolix table is the perfect reflection of Xavier Pauchard’s personality – a man who grew up in the forests of Burgundy and had a deep appreciation for nature, with the imagination to create unique furniture items from industrial materials.
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