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Trend Alert | Scandinavian Styling – Our Top 5 Tips

Scandinavian is one of the hottest styling trends at the moment. As we are coming into Winter, what better way to freshen up your home than by incorporating the Nordic trends that those freezing climates are infamous for.

The number one tip when incorporating Scandi styles into your home, is to remember to always keep it simple! Simplicity and minimalism is key in the Nordic homes. Think monochrome and neutral palettes, clean fine lines, light coloured timbers, rays of natural light and open living; and add warmth and character through splashes of colour and use of accessories, textures and layers, particularly utilising natural handmade organic materials.

This week, we share some of our top tips for turning your home into a Scandinavian sanctuary.


Scandinavians love keeping things light and open as they have long winters with short days and want to maximise as much natural light as possible. The best way to start your Nordic makeover is to open up your living plan and create a blank canvas by white washing all your walls and floors. This will bring in and bounce around as much natural light as possible.

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Minimalism and clean lines are key aesthetics in Scandinavian styling. Things need to stay airy and feel spacious, so don’t overcrowd your areas. Get rid of clutter and invest in furniture items with subtle organic curves and slender legs to lift things off the floor and make it feel like more air is flowing through the space.

1. Rover flat weave rug, $309. | 2. Hendrix Buffet, $850.

3. Hans Wegner reproduction Wishbone chair, $175. | 4. Flynn Round mirror, $160.
5. Alexandria Pendant, $79. | 6. Vintage Industrial table, $795.

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It’s rare to find any Nordic home which doesn’t incorporate some form of wood. Whether it be timber floorboards, reclaimed wood beams, wooden furniture pieces or even fireplaces; wooden features are a great way to bring organic textures and add a sense of warmth into your home. In particular, blonde timbers are great to further compliment the neutral palette.

1. Jolanda Coffee table, $225. | 2. Reproduction Eames DSW chair, $58.

3. Naples Reclaimed Dining Table, $875. | 4. Musa Teak Side table, set of 2, $795.

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Add further character through bold statements with graphic artworks, typography and geometric prints. Particularly popular at the moment is monochrome, adding strong contrast to the lighter atmospheres of your rooms.

1. Barcelona cushion, $50. | 2. Minke cushion, $45. | 3. Halo Dining table, $450.

4. Arne Jacobson replica floor lamp, $199. | 5. Bentwood Dining chair, $239.
6. Zion Pendant Light, $45. | 7. Alps Wall Art Print, $270.

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No one adds warmth better than the Nord’s. Accustomed to the cold climates and freezing temperatures, they are able to bring warmth and a sense of coziness into their homes through excessive use of textures and layers. Think organic and handmade materials such as faux furs, chunky knits, organic linen and soft wools; perfect for Australia now the colder months are here.

1. Johansen Nest of tables, $195. | 2. Reclaimed Teak Cork stool – set of 2, $585.

3. Replica Acapulco Chair, $129. | 4. Alfred Arm Chair, $440.
5. Hotham Coffee Table, $295. | 6. Frankie Cushion, $55.
7. Britanica Cushion, $45.

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