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Trend Alert | The Danish and Scandinavian Trend

Danish and Scandinavian designs have always had a special place in people’s hearts, and they continue to flourish and evolve as interior trends shift towards newer directions. With the entire world gravitating back towards the earthly, the traditional, the organic and eco-sustainable, the Scandinavian furniture, with its authentic appeal and uncluttered nature, hits the spotlight again, ensuring a loop of success and popularity that doesn’t seem to end any time soon.

The philosophy of the Danish and Scandinavian trend is geared towards simple form and function, putting emphasis on clean cuts, smooth edges, understated elegance, simple sophistication and a comfortable lack of ornate designs and unnecessary pizzazz. No matter how basic, Danish and Scandinavian furniture and homewares are never dull, pleasing the eye with inviting and inspiring pieces that connect us with the ever-changing environment. Nothing detracts the attention from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives than the Danish and Scandinavian interior tranquility.

Danish and Scandinavian Furniture

The Danish and Scandinavian take on the 2015 interior trends is as breathtaking as you’d expect it to be. Contemporary in nature, but inspired by the traditional, Danish and Scandinavian furniture designs maintain that organic appeal and lightness they’ve always been valued for. The latest interior trends continue that tradition, with hand-crafted designs and high-quality finishes, all putting emphasis on the natural beauty of the materials used. If your room is boasting a heavy centre piece, create a harmonious setting by adding light framed accent pieces and fabric homewares, a quintessential of the Scandinavian trend.

Danish and Scandinavian Lighting and Accessories

One of the biggest trends of 2015 consists of the re-emerging of blue in both furniture and accessories context. With the Danish and Scandinavian Trends focusing on neutral tones as far as furnishings are concerned, it’s no surprise that today’s homewares come in various shades of blue, beautifully complimenting neutral colours like whites, tans, muted pinks, greys and backs. Think matte accessories, woven carpet sand fabric cushions and throws.

Speaking of carpets, another major Danish and Scandinavian trend consists of 3D texturized carpets in jewel and moody tones, as well as neutral shades like off-whites, grey and charcoal. And if you thought wallpapers are no longer trendy, think again. Today, wallpapers are not only super stylish, but the Scandinavian wallpapers, with their fantastic prints, textures and matte finishes will give any room a softer lighting and the added interest of a feature wall.

Simple, characterful homewares are the hallmarks of the Danish and Scandinavian Trend. Try and get your hands on naked bulb lighting fixtures, wooden decorative items and accessories in warm-coloured metals, like copper or brass, in brushed and matte finishes.

If you like what you have seen simply check out our Danish & Scandinavian furniture styles to see many of the great items that will be an awesome addition to your home.