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Style Focus | Top 5 Reasons Why We All Love Danish Scandinavian Furniture Styles

Although the most iconic Scandinavian pieces were designed between the 1930s to the 1960s, it was not until the 50s that the prominence of this design movement was fully recognized. Since then, the beauty of minimalist Scandinavian furniture and homewares has brought fame and global acknowledgement to numerous noteworthy Scandinavian designers who have lifted the standards of interior design by coming up with unique and appealing furnishings and décor accents.

While many are tempted to link Scandinavian styles to the iconic giant, Ikea, there is much more to Nordic designs than the ubiquitous blue and yellow chain store. The Scandinavian style embodies designs from countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway – providing a vast and eclectic mix that unifies this design movement through simple form, elegance and functionality.

So how exactly differs Danish Scandinavian furniture styles from design movements from other countries? We’ve compiled a list of top 5 reasons that make this particular style stand out among the rest, offering instantly recognizable designs that homeowners across the world love and covet.

Function over form

This constitutes an approach that emphasizes the importance of functionality over artifices of design. Praised by the Bauhaus School, this principle speaks volumes about the primary role of furniture, that is, to serve a purpose, to remain practical and guarantee user’s comfort. That doesn’t mean Danish Scandinavian furniture compromises style over function. Designers in Scandinavian countries are a pragmatic bunch, creating products that aren’t made to attract the eye solely through design, but rather to generate a balance between simple, beautiful aesthetic and functionality.

Durable style

Just because the focus of Danish Scandinavian designers is on function, that doesn’t mean aesthetic principles are ignored, on the contrary, this design movements has produced world-renowned pieces that kept their visual flair throughout the decades. In the effort of generating products consumers wouldn’t get tired of, they created beautiful furniture that was in style many years ago, is popular today and will remain on-trend in distant years to come. In fact, Danish Scandinavian furniture styles are so sought after today, that auctioneers are dedicating special events for collectors and the general public that feature solely Scandinavian products.

Minimal design

Danish Scandinavian furniture styles feature an elegant and sophisticated, yet minimal style that boast simple lines and smooth curves, void of highly ornamental detailing. This is a design principle that blends with ease in any environment and promotes an airy, clean style of living that draws the eye without detracting attention with unnecessary visual clutter that also takes away from comfort and functionality.

Universal colour schemes

Unique to Danish Scandinavian minimalist designs is a calming, muted colour palette characterized by tones of white, cream, beige, pale blue and dove grey. These hues constitute a trademark of Scandinavian designs and are not common trait of North American minimalst furniture styles for example.

It is a peaceful and serene palette that boasts universal appeal, however Danish Scandinavian furniture styles are not limited to understated colour scheme, as there are designs, just as iconic, that create a much bolder statement by using vibrant tones and graphic detailing.

A desire to express and nurture the love for nature

Deeply rooted into Danish Scandinavian design principles is a pristine love of nature that prompts people from Nordic countries to dedicate their pas-time to outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, hiking or biking, taking advantage of any opportunity to enjoy moments spent in the open-air. It is only natural that their interiors reflect this by putting emphasis on furnishings inspired by nature. Shapes, materials and colours, all these portray Scandinavian’s love for nature while their desire to nurture it is illustrated by the use of renewable and reclaimed materials and different techniques such as recycling and upcycling, these technologies being exported around the globe. As leaders in the eco-friendly design movement, numerous Danish Scandinavian furniture styles use natural and reclaimed materials as primary foundation for stylish pieces with timeless aesthetic properties.