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Interior Spotlight | Industrial Dining Rooms To Leave You Speechless

The stark, laid-back style with functional and ergonomic sensibility keeps coming back with a bang. No matter what styles are re-invented by contemporary designers to steal the show, no trend has managed to create the ginormous impact the industrial style has. And whatever room you think looks best wrapped in this unpretentious, utilitarian style, we all have to agree that industrial dining rooms tend to dominate the scene. Dig into these breathtaking visuals and get the inspiration needed to usher the industrial flair into your living space!

Brick walls, metal accents, statement lighting and aged wood textures are the hallmarks of industrial chic. Here, these staples do not overpower each other unified by a harmonious blend of stark materials and a cohesive colour scheme. The greenery lends just the right element of liveliness to create a captivating environment without feeling too outdoorsy.

An accent wall in a weathered finish can give your dining space a characterful vibe which you can further personalize with wall décor pieces such as these demure printed artworks. Oversized pendants that direct the light downward are typical to the industrial style. Here, the reflective surface provides a touch of glam without feeling too upscale.

You can achieve a sensational industrial dining room without the gloomy ambiance. This space creates an elegant and sophisticated fusion of styles without forgoing the industrial element. The brightness of walls and flooring pairs beautifully with the dark palate of the furnishings while wooden elements and rose metal accents add much needed warmth. Industrial dining chairs give diversity to the setting and instill a playful vibe together with the quirky angular floor lamp.

If there’s a signature material to the industrial style, this is it: metal. Whether it’s steel, aluminium, tin, iron or copper, metal imparts a cool vibe to any industrial setting and there’s an infinite number of ways to warm it up and give it a homely feel. This small yet prominent dining space focuses on the use of metal furnishings with patina to lend the space a coarse, masculine vibe. Handmade rugs, vintage wall art and a statement lantern contribute to a sense of coziness.

Industrial-style dining rooms are characterized by functional simplicity, however there are few other styles that allow homeowners to experiment with decorating. The right accessories can turn a practical space into a true showstopper. A wall covered in chalkboard paint adds an eclectic, bistro-pub vibe to your dining space, giving you an excellent opportunity to personalize a backdrop with inspirational words, recipes and playful ideas.

Refined, elegant, glamorous, sophisticated…you wouldn’t expect to read these same words in an industrial context, yet one look at this picture confirms that industrial dining settings leave plenty of room of self-expression. Sleek, open frames donning rose and golden tones, along with a cluster of statement naked bulbs throws the industrial trend out of the old world era, shipping it back into contemporary.