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Trend Alert | The Power of Plants in the Workplace

The golden (or green) question is: do plants make a difference and do they have a place in the workplace? The answer: yes, they do! Recent research reveals that plants do have positive effects on workplace morale and activity. The quality of our indoor environment is crucial to our physical and mental state, especially since 80% of Australians live in urban areas and spend 90% of their time indoors. If you need more convincing, then we'll break down some of the reasons why you need to have plants in your office.  

Breathing Easier It's a well-known fact that plants release oxygen, that important element we all need to survive. But real or fake, plants have a calming and relaxing effect that will help you breathe easier. Whether this effect is coming from the mere sight of leafy greens or oxygen-releasing plants, either way, it's a much-appreciated effect during those busy and stressful work days.  

Purifying the Air Believe it or not, but indoor air is actually polluted too - sometimes almost more than outdoor air. That's mostly due to the enclosed environment of offices. Indoor air will generally have more impurities in the air, such as synthetics in furniture, air conditioning systems, computers, rugs, paint, whatever we track in from outdoors etc.. You know that stuffy office feeling we all get? It's most likely from all these impurities getting stuck indoors with no place to escape, and it builds and builds. If your office happens to have open windows, then you're one of the lucky few! Real plants will pull these air contaminants into the soil where the roots will convert it into food, then release oxygen back into the air. While not a strong and super effective way to purify the air, it's better than nothing.

Power of plant in workplace

Improving Health A workplace study commissioned by the Dutch Product Board for Horticulture discovered that adding plants to office settings improved overall health and wellbeing. It was found that plants help reduce headaches and fatigue while there was an increase in concentration. If you want something more attractive, then consider a magnolia mix to add a sweet and feminine look to your desk. Researchers suggested that these health improvements were possibly due to improved air quality and workplace morale in a pleasant environment. -- 

Power of plant in workplace

It's a given that plants do help raise your morale and outlook in the structured office space. In fact, there is a spectrum of benefits that natural or faux greenery provides in our professional lives. Consider adding plants to your workplace if you're needing a pick-me-up. You don't have to opt for big plants like a monsteria plant. Sometimes it's the small things in life that will help improve your mood.