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How To | Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Style Your Private Retreat

The bedroom is the most intimate and personal room in the house; it's our private retreat and quiet escape. Whereas other areas in our homes are likely to be sensitive to compromises and inflicted by trends and styles, the bedroom interior should be decorated for you. The best bedroom decorating ideas are the ones that uplift your mood, allow you to unwind at the end of the day, give you a positive state of mind in the morning and blend with your sensibility.  
Bed Side Tables - Make it Personal

We all know that bedside tables are necessary and practical parts of a bedroom, but when enhanced with personalised touches they give a unique flair to the space. Nothing makes a bedroom more exclusive than a balance of your style and personality, and a sense of tranquility with unique style of modern bedside tables. Think of bedroom furniture not as dominant features; but as an elegant backdrop to build upon on. Add layers of character to your bedroom with momentous details, textures and patterns to create a space that will celebrate your individuality from every corner. Our Albin Scandinavian Wooden Side Table in walnut brings an organic charm and a moment of surprise to the room. These smart pieces of furniture can be used as night stands or stools, in a pair or separated. Use them to display your favourite books, candles, photographs, and objects of sentimental value that evoke joy.



Lighting - Setting the Perfect Mood

If there is one decorative element that can instantly transform your bedroom from dull to amazing, it is the lighting. Soft lighting creates intimacy in big bedrooms while strategically positioned lights can make small rooms visually larger. Lighting impacts our mood and wellbeing on a day-to-day basis. Depending on what specific mood you want to achieve in the bedroom, you will need a variety of lighting to do so. Warm night lights will provide enough illumination and create a serene and intimate atmosphere. If there is a vanity table in the bedroom, it should be backed with proper lighting. Applying makeup requires proper lighting with accent lights on the side to prevent blinding glares. To add a distinct note to your master bedroom or to save more space in a small bedroom without compromising a good reading light, choose pendant bedside lights. Our Hennessy Pendant will turn your plain bedroom into a boutique-looking room while clearing your bedside table surface. Also, every master bedroom needs an elegant floor lamp to go with the lounge or reading area. The Freemont Tripod Floor lamp will bring style and refinement to your private sanctuary.

Bedroom Decorating 2

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Textiles - Soften the Ambience

Textiles play the most significant role in the bedroom area. Textured elements create sense of warmth and cosiness, adding interest and playfulness to the area. A beautiful and soft rug by the bed softens the space and gives a feeling of comfort. A pile of snuggly pillows and bed linens create an inviting and relaxing mood. Balance your textiles in colour, patterns, and textures to achieve a harmonised bedroom ambience. Find beautiful throw rugs like this modern and graphic Check Throw Rug in charcoal to add the final touch.

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Gallery wall - Art Speaks Where Words Are Unable to Explain

Create a distinct atmosphere in your bedroom by arranging a gallery wall complied with wall art and photographs that speak to you and about you. Use unique pieces that will inspire you every day- the vibrant exhibition will add a sophisticated flair to the room.

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In every room and every space there will always be rules to follow and compromises to be done; there is no such thing as perfect layout or perfect room. But when it comes to your bedroom the most important rule is to follow your inner voice; it knows how to set up a space you will truly enjoy.