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Trend Alert | Top 10 Interior Design trends for this Australian Winter

Each new season introduces a vast and exciting array of colours, patterns, textures and styles that inspire a partial or total makeover, revitalizing our home decor with a fresh, trendy aesthetic.
If you’re hesitant about replenishing your interior with new furniture, acquiring a few new accent pieces will easily get you through the upcoming winter trend-wise. But what are those top interior design trends that must be kept under the radar?
Here are 10 fresh approaches to winter 2015 interior design everyone should have on their lust list:

Infiltration of Colour

Textured whites

If the clean, crisp, minimal style is the look you envision for your home, you won’t have to worry about the plainness of your décor.
An all-white aesthetic can be particularly refreshing, and will give your home a sense of serenity and peacefulness no other interior style can ever achieve. To maintain visual interest, play with textures and use different white tones.

Soft pastels

You can easily instill a neutral look into your home design scheme without turning to the ubiquitous beige and brown hues. In fact, beige is currently being replaced with grey, so focus your attention on dove and smoky greys, along with muted pinks and light blues. And think big: let your walls don soft pastels, or let them come through using bed or sofa covers that showcase powdery hues.

Deep blues

And speaking of blues, don’t be afraid to add any shade of this colour for fear of getting the winter blues as this versatile colour is super trendy and can easily invigorate or add a sense of mystery and tranquillity to your home décor. Think gem tones, indigos and navy, picking curtains, rugs, cushions or décor accents to give your home the fashionable blue staple.


Pantone’s 2015 colour reigns supreme in interior design as well, this shade giving any space a sense of luxury and elegance. Along with other rich hues like the deep blues or olive greens, marsala is ideal if you’d like your home décor to spark strong colour or create that lovely contrast against white backdrops.

Mixed metals

Because of our urge to bring in contemporary flavour by adding cold metal finishes like silver and chrome, we forget about the décor warming properties that gold has, and the intriguing mix such metallic hues can create when paired with cool tones. Let gold, rose gold and copper take centre stage and let go of excessive matching in favour of a much more interesting approach.

Blunt material exposure

One of the easiest ways to create décor impact is by working with a combination of materials and allowing their raw textures shine through. Mineral accents, coarse stone and ceramics, dimensional tile, weathered leathers and organic woods hypnotize the eye with their imperfections, giving your home aesthetic that lovely raw look we tend to easily welcome into our lives, which are so unjustifiable dominated by the smoothness of the technology-driven world.

Nature-inspired pieces

And speaking of technological advancements, Australian 2015 interior design trends want us to draw ourselves closer to the environment, bringing aspects of the natural world into our homes for a soul-healing decorating experience. Think statement organic accent pieces, clean Scandinavian style, animal cowhides, jute carpets, fibrous upholstery etc.

Recycled, re-purposed and handmade

Increasing environmental awareness and the urge to reconnect with nature brings forth a multitude of trends that put emphasis on the importance of using simple, sustainable materials and manipulate them by hand. The end result is powerful and personable, and instantly adds character to your home décor. Look for reclaimed furniture, hybrid materials and handmade accessories.

Wallpapers and wall decals

Do you associate wallpaper with the unattractive retro wall covers that still dominate the décor of your grandparents’ houses? Well, the wallpaper trend has come a long way and you might be surprised of the numerous trendy styles available today. Simple or sophisticated, today’s wallpaper options are classy and refreshing, and can easily add texture and interest to boring plain walls. And hey! If you’re not ready to commit to the full look, you can always rely on some pretty wall decals to give your interior a stylish touch.

Vintage and industrial

These trends got designers hooked long ago and their popularity still hasn’t dissipated. Whether you’re in love with the geometry and luxurious finishes of the 20s, the simple modernity of mid-century furniture or the characterful edge of the industrial era, adding pieces with an old world charm to your décor will make your winter home décor cosier, more sophisticated and full of personality.