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Style Focus | Contemporary Furniture for Every Room

Contemporary furniture pieces are brilliant for adding a slice of interest to your home. While contemporary style tends to attempt minimalism in spatial features, the futuristic sort of approach in design always exudes creativity which provides a visual ‘pop’ into any room. This makes them perfect additions for modern homes.

Your Contemporary Living Room

Installing contemporary wall shelves next to your TV is a modern, stylish alternative to purchasing a large bookcase or stand. Shelves are a great addition to any room that may be lacking visual style, and are quite easy to work with in terms of home decor and colours to play with. As with other contemporary pieces, modern shelves often take on eccentric shapes – art masterpieces on your wall with no effort! They are functional, ideal for a living area and perfect for displaying those dusty frames in the cupboard, books or CDs. Another idea is to use them to hold boxes in which you can store miscellaneous household items. Shelves also take up very little room, making the space on your wall neither empty or too full on, rather just pleasant to look at.

Dining Room

Your dining table always holds the potential to be the primary staple piece in your home. The fact that it comes accompanied with a set of at least 4 other furniture pieces means that it is always the star of the show, and that its style is essentially the central piece in the room on which everything else can solely rely on. Contemporary dining tables boldly plays with illusion and design, which makes them perfect for illuminating a lacklustre room, despite merely being surrounded by solid coloured chairs. The above image demonstrates how easy it is to create a flawless show stopper in your room, with the glass top showing classic elegance while its style lies within its quirky bottom feature. For those a little more daring, something with bold characteristics like bright legs or a bench top style table would definitely make for a fun, eye-catching feature piece.


Make your bed stands out with style above your head! Whether through bold designs or different textures, contemporary bed heads are all about making a statement, despite the size of your bedroom. Wooden bedheads are currently popular within modern homes, which can be nicely complemented with various plants – makes the room look warm, welcoming and extra cozy, while pin lights above the bed create a modern and lavish look.