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Interior Spotlight | Rugs To Match Your Furniture

No time like the present to get rid of your old, worn-out rug in favour of a trendy floor filling solution that will have you finally enact that no-shoes policy you’ve been thinking about. What are the rug trends for 2016? Stick around and find out!

Eco-friendly rugs

Rugs crafted from natural materials are all the rage right now. Look for floor fillers in wool, cotton, jute, water hyacinth, sisal or seagrass. They really go with everything.


They can be really versatile and sophisticated, and many come in bold, geometric versions like chevron. They provide visual impact and work with many styles of modern and contemporary furniture.

Lustrous fibres

You can embrace the metallic trend through both furniture and homewares, including rugs. Carpets in brass and bronze tones might be more difficult to match your furniture, so look for rugs featuring shiny fibres to achieve the metallic effect.

Neutral tones

Ever thought that rugs in natural shades will eventually grow out of style? No? That’s because they will always be fashionable, complementing any style and colour of furniture. Rugs in earthly tones is an evergreen concept, and perfect examples of such colour schemes include beige, grey, brown, muted greens or ochre. They offer a splendid, warm and harmonious touch paired with crisp, contemporary furniture.

Geometric designs

Take inspiration from your closet and opt for eye-catching, graphic rug designs. Squares, diamonds, stripes and other geometric forms and loops will add depth and dimension to your décor. And you’d be surprised how well they work in different settings, not just contemporary and retro-inspired, but also coastal, cottage, vintage or shabby-chic. If you’re concerned you might not be as fond of them when you decorate again, place a smaller rug on top of a larger, neutral rug. The perfect cost-saving solution when you don’t want to commit to a particular design.

Shaggy rugs

Love the look and feel of a fluffy carpet? Look for shaggy rugs, the perfect compromise to pamper your soles and add texture to a monochrome room. One of the biggest trends right now is mixing the old with the new, so even a rustic environment with distressed floors can benefit from incorporating a shaggy rug.

Colourful rugs

Nothing like a bit of colour to make your timber furniture pop! All blue tones are trendy right now, and if you’d rather tone it down a notch, you can always opt for navy blue and muted blues. Teals and earthy greens are also in high demand. So is yellow, particularly for kitchens and dining room furniture. Pink too, in both light and bright versions, that pop against contemporary neutral furniture in white, black or grey finishes. If you didn’t want to risk painting your walls in your favorite colour, take a chance with your rug!

Persian rugs

Traditional rugs and pieces crafted by artisans remain popular, complementing rustic, bohemian, eclectic and oriental-inspired furniture, and even contemporary.

Circular rugs

Providing a fresh alternative to conventional rectangular rugs, it’s always a good idea to choose circular rugs. And don’t stop at one. Use multiple pieces to link every part of the room and create an added level of texture.