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Interior Spotlight | Walnut TV Units Becoming More and More Popular

Walnut features

When it comes to beautiful, timeless furniture with long-lasting appeal, there are not many material choices that have the same potential as walnut.

Walnut is an enduring hardwood with a gorgeous striped grain, and it comes in different shades from lighter to darker ones and even a combination of tones. It’s helped shape some of the most iconic furniture pieces in design history and it never ceased to demand – and get- attention, being used for furniture throughout the home, including the living room.

Walnut vs walnut veneer

Walnut TV Units are a popular choice in today’s living spaces, and even though walnut is renowned for making great traditional-style pieces, it has also been used to create some of the most modern and spectacular designs. Its versatility and durability recommend it as a reliable construction material with a beautiful finish, however a lot of the contemporary walnut TV Units are actually made of walnut veneer or a combination of veneer and solid wood. The cost is the main culprit, however the difference in quality doesn’t affect the popularity of walnut TV units in veneer versions, this being well sought after by homeowners looking to replicate the elegant appeal of walnut. With veneers coming in different degrees of quality, many can afford to replicate the durable and stylish walnut through veneer TV units.

Style choices

One of the reasons walnut makes a great choice for TV units is because its stunning striped finish easily gives furniture that retro touch that is so on-trend right now. In addition, the same aesthetic looks amazing paired with the sleek metal fixtures and detailing often used in contemporary walnut TV units.

Numerous traditional and retro units feature walnut, but there are very few style concerns associated with walnut, no matter how modern or striking you would wish your contemporary TV units to be. A popular option nowadays is asymmetrical units and walnut TV units with lots of storage seamlessly concealed within minimal structures.

Walnut in different colour contexts

Walnut is right on track with the newest trends in interior colour palettes, looking beautiful against both light and dark tones. In fact, if you do not wish to make a centre piece out of your TV and media gear, one way is to mount them on a walnut TV unit and place it against a dark wall to conveniently fade them into the background.

Walnut TV units look great in the trendiest colour contexts of 2016 such as light and dark grey, and if you pair with another neutral favourite such as sage green, you get to enjoy an earthly, organic palette that will surely create a warm, natural, inviting ambiance.