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Trend Alert | The Wooden Stool

Is it possible to whip up a fashionable decor that won’t fall out of favour as soon as new trends emerge? The key is to incorporate timeless pieces that can be easily moved around and matched with perennial pieces you’re willing to invest in.

Kitchen comrade

Furnishing your cooking spot with wooden stools is no fleeing indulgence. Even if the trends translate into metallic fixtures and appliances, or glossy cabinets, adding a wooden stool helps soften rigid, contemporary settings by imparting nostalgic flair, charm and a welcoming vibe to your space. It sure looks good in rustic kitchens, but playing down an ultra-sleek space with a cosy piece is just as appropriate. Use it as island seating, ladder for those hard to reach cabinets, extra seating for guests and temporary resting spots for the kiddos.

Reliable piece for the bathroom

Wood in the bathroom? Yes! Adding timber elements to your bathroom is a huge 2016 trend and more and more designers are rethinking bathrooms by adding more organic pieces to ubiquitous tiles and ceramic layouts. Since most bathrooms come in familiar designs which are crisp and neutral, a wooden stool becomes a popular element that can add warmth to cool, ultra-modern bathrooms. Take a seat instead of using the edge of the bathtub as leaning support or use it as a practical round side table for extra towels, shampoo bottles, clothing or when you simply need a surface to lay down your wine glass.

Double duty in the living space

Tight on budget? Space constraints? Wooden stools make for perfect space-saving, multi-functional pieces to use at your heart’s content. No matter what décor trends caught your attention, any ornamental feature looks great on a wooden stool. Nowadays, with so many styles and finishes available, it’s impossible to decide how it looks best: serving as seating or as a side table? A small interior doesn’t leave room to plenty of furniture choices. In this case, it’s best to opt for double-duty elements, and a shapely wooden stool generates a practical surface without taking up much space, giving you freedom to choose one of those 3-seaters you’ve had your eye on for the longest time.

No style obstacles

A wooden stool pairs well with everything. No matter the style of your living space, this versatile piece adapts to and enriches your environment with organic flair and natural tones. Be it vintage chic, industrial, minimal, contemporary or Scandinavian, any room can benefit from adding one or several wooden stools. It should not be missed and don’t worry it may not be trendy next year. Chances are you’ll be replacing your sofa sooner than the trusty wooden side stool.