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Style Focus | Your Guide to Summer Homewares & Decor

As self-confessed summertime lovers and decorating enthusiasts, we can’t help but be excited at the thought of revelling in warmth and brightness, enjoying the feel of perfect harmony between what we see out the window and what we see when we look inside our homes. In other words, summer homewares and decor should positively reflect the upcoming season, moving away from whatever décor debris that lingers, remindings us of the chilling months that passed.

Make the most of your colours this summer

Summer is all about embracing colour, and we can’t think of an easier way to dress your home in the trendiest shades than adding living room decor pieces  in bright, youthful hues and patterns. For a truly rejuvenating feel, think crisp pastel tones and neon hues. Mix textiles and patterns to create depth and interest, and don’t be afraid to ruin an otherwise calm setting created by an understated bed, sofa or lounge chair with a fruity cushion punch!

Bright and Mediterranean-inspired homewares and decor may be fit for summer, but what if moodier settings are the only ones that make you click? In that case, combine monochromatic textiles in deep, subtle colours with others displaying similar hues, but coming in photographic prints, organic, nautical or botanic imagery. Tribal and ethnic patterns also remain extremely popular, and if they’re boasting a moody palette, you can rest assured the end result will be sharp and on-trend.

Prints, brights and pastels throw you off, but you still wish to add some warmth into a gloomy colour scheme? Metallic flashes add a luxurious touch and create lightness into a neutral setting. Opt especially for gold and brass homewares and décor accents in matte finishes. It can be anything from cushions, rugs, lighting fixtures and decorative items to delicate metallic accents imprinted on a dark feature wall.

And speaking of feature walls, the rule for achieving a stylish look is to either opt for a wallpaper in a fashionable floral print or fluid graphic patterns or paint a large surface or two adjacent walls in one of the trendy colors we’ve talked about above. If you’re looking to add interest and warmth to a small room, ditch the flat paint and pick an horizontal wood panelling that will also create the illusion of a wider space. For bathrooms and kitchens, rely on hypnotising colour combinations and geometrical displays for a real wow factor.

When we think summer, we visualize nature and the outdoors, and what better way to breathe freshness into your interior other than decorating your space with greenery? Potted plants are the ideal complement for any home and a feature wall can serve as the perfect backdrop to really accentuate their beautiful shape and colour. And if you’re lusting over lush greens without the nuisance of constant care, artificial plants will play the part in turning any corner into a wonderful visual statement. Even artificial plants will do the job and do not require any maintenance.

Last but not least, we feel the need to put emphasis on decorating with an eco-friendly approach, opting for upcycled homewares, as well as accent pieces made from renewable materials. Summertime sustainability can be achieved without compromising on style, particularly if you’re itching to fill your space with natural woven jute and wool rugs, decorative items crafted from repurposed materials, patchwork bedding and cushions made from reused fabric and vintage items. Nowadays, eco-friendliness is at the heart of anything crafted today, so why not take advantage of that to imprint your unique style throughout your living space?