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Style Focus | 4 Tips for Creating a Minimalist Bedroom

So, you’re finally ready to give your cluttered, messy bedroom the minimalist-inspired makeover it deserves… but you have no idea where to begin. Or you don’t want to spend a fortune on re-styling your bedroom. Well, the truth is, creating a minimalist-inspired bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive or even time-consuming.

Minimalism is popular and perfectly suited to a hectic modern lifestyle where mess is inevitable. Stripped down to its essential purpose by eliminating the unnecessary, this pared-back aesthetic promotes simplicity. It showcases creative functional design while creating a simplified way to live – giving you and your mind calmness in your bedroom.

You can create a relaxing ambiance and style in your bedroom in no time at all, and without having to break your budget! Here are our top three tips for designing a minimalist bedroom for your home.

  1. Get Rid of Useless Junk

To create a minimalist-style room, you need to de-clutter your space! No, you don’t need to hoard old clothing, accessories, and other junk you never have a use for. Having a de-cluttered space is the foundation for the simplicity of minimalist style, leaving you with a clean room filled with items you truly need and find beautiful. By clearing away your bedroom waste, you are making space for the things that actually matter and have use in your home. Find space-saving furniture and shelving to maximise your bedroom storage. Narrow and compact designs are definite winners! Even wall shelving like our Ernest Wall Shelving will take care of your decor for you.

  1. Simple Colour Palette

 Neutral colours are the gateway to achieving a truly minimalist look in your bedroom. They’re the clean slate backdrop to whatever else goes on. Choosing white, for example, creates a more airy and spacious feel, which is definitely one of the goals in creating a minimalist feel. Or even opt for soft beiges,  pale greys, or muted hues for a relaxed style. Remember, it’s all about going back to basics. It’s fine to have colour, but keep it monochrome and within the same range. Too many clashing colours won’t give you the Zen vibe that you’re seeking.

  1. Layering Textures

While minimalism can be liberating, a monotone space can feel stilted. That’s why shapes and textures become your new ornamentation and main tools to add a visual impact in your space. Not the frills and thrills of more extravagant styles. Just like simplifying your colour palette, your textures should follow the same tones and hues for a cohesive decor with subtle visual depth. Choose neutral and soft bed linen as the hero feature, and begin your styling from there. From cushions to homewares to personalise your haven!

  1. Bring in Natural Light

Having good natural lighting is key for a minimalist bedroom look, but also to help improve our moods. Lighting is essentially an accessory on its own. In a room with the least amount of furniture and clutter as possible, lighting can make a huge difference. You can clear away your curtains to let big beams of natural light into your bedroom, or switch them out for sheer chiffon curtains that create a soft and diffused glow.

Make the most of the daylight by adding a tall mirror, like Mira Wall Mirror or the Bjorn Arch Floor Mirror, and see your room appear more open with natural lighting!

Just like the minimalist saying, less is more. And with these tips to help you transform your room into a modern and minimalist space, it’s so easy to achieve!