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Style Focus | 6 Reclaimed Wood Furniture Ideas

Reclaimed wood, also known as recycled wood, is growing in popularity nowadays and for good reason. This weathered and recycled wood has so much character and uniqueness in it which makes it a great addition to any room in your home. In addition, reclaimed wood is also environment-friendly and costs about 50% less compared to brand new wood!

Here are six great reclaimed wood furniture to display in your humble home.

Bar stool

A bar stool made out of reclaimed wood is perfect for your kitchen area. It creates that inviting atmosphere in your home and makes sturdy seating for family while chatting between cooking and eating meals.

Reclaimed Entertainment TV unit

Create that wow effect on your living room by showcasing tv unit made out of reclaimed wood instead of the furniture with the usual black and glossy finish. Aside from providing storage for your media devices, the reclaimed entertainment unit is also a perfect piece to make as a focal point for the living room or gaming area of your abode.

Coffee table

Sip your coffee with a guest or family over a rustic coffee table made out of reclaimed wood. They are not only durable but are capable of hiding the stains from beverage which got poured on it accidentally. Reclaimed coffee tables are also very easy to clean and are guaranteed to be long lasting.

Wooden Bookshelf

Instead of using an ordinary shelf made out of plastic and other synthetic materials for your books and magazines, opt for a reclaimed rustic bookshelf. It is not only great for storage but you can showcase it as a display because of its natural and rustic appeal.


Cabinets made out of reclaimed wood can transform your kitchen space from busy to orderly and visually appealing. While they’re useful for storing your most valuable kitchen wares and china, they also create that country vibe.


Maximize the space in any room in your home by adding slender and sleek drawers made out of reclaimed wood. They are not only functional but are stylish pieces which provide simple storage solutions.

There is a variety of reclaimed wood furniture you can choose to enhance that modern look of any space in your home. Incorporate reclaimed wood pieces now to your abode for that irresistible aesthetic appeal that’s also proven to stand the test of time.