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How To | Creating a Timeless Interior

In order to keep your decorating costs down and achieve a home design that you’ll be fond of for years to come, you need to think strategically and create a timeless interior. Don’t let fleeting trends lure you into temporary looks that you may not love after a while, instead keep your home looking classy and fresh, featuring pieces that are as relevant today as they will be several years past. Decorating is not the cheapest venture, so choosing timeless accessories and homewares is the best way to save money in the long run. So what are those adaptable pieces that can outlast those seasonal temptations?

The Understated – Simple & Sophisticated

To create a timeless interior you need to be in the lookout for minimalist pieces that are highly functional. Opulent and avant-garde styles should be avoided and what you should be going for are the classics that are equivalent to subtle décor which does not transpire as bleak and boring. Buy charming pieces that you can always put to use as opposed to those that you simply admire from the distance and which eventually become clutter when you’ve grown tired of looking at them.

Colour of the Year vs Timeless Tones

Colours on trend may grow on you for a while, but how long until new ones are dignified as tones you have to have in your home? Some may be fun and invigorating, but will not work season after season and they’ll eventually have to make room for new shades in Panetone’s catalogue. This is why it’s best to decorate with neutral shades which will always be fashionable and keep those “colours of the year” reserved to small accent pieces which you can easily replace without spending much. Of course you won’t be happy about an interior decorated entirely in neutral shades, so if you’re like many homeowners who desire a pop of colour, choose tones that won’t ever grow out of favour, such as navy blue or your all-time favourites.

Everlasting Resources – Natural Materials

Utilizing natural construction materials will never grow out of style. Wood, marble, stone, brick and natural fibres such as cotton and wool will always be part of a stylish home aesthetic.

Architectural Mouldings

Moulding finishes give personality to walls, ceiling, windows, doorways, fireplaces, windows and arches. If you think these areas could use some cosmetic touchups, crown mouldings are the best way to add interest and an artistic edge.

Mixing the Old with the New

Though an element of the past, antiques and collectibles become timeless if mixed with modern pieces. Antique decorations and homewares are a great way to impart a sense of history into your living space and are always worth investing into.

Art that Makes You Happy

No passing trend should ever tell you what art you’re supposed to love. Those pieces you can’t imagine your home without are equivalent with timeless décor and are worth splurging on. Their frames are a different story. Go for a traditional look with matching frames in classic materials or create a timeless, eclectic combination by combining different frame styles and colour tones.

Statement Lighting

Lighting fixtures are similar to artwork. What you should be doing is trust your instinct, but whatever trends may dictate, statement lighting will never go out of style. Antique chandeliers and striking pendant lamps that create a cohesive look within your existing décor context are always a good idea.

Evergreen Prints

The floral wallpaper that your grandmother adored back in the days doesn’t look the same with today’s florals. However, florals and stripes are perennial patterns. The patterns you love that have a modern twist will remain fashionable for a larger amount of time, and if ever in doubt, use them to add interest to small décor accents like vases, bedding, cushions or upholstery.

Comfy, Neutral Rugs

You can choose to submit your decorating well to current trends when it comes to small rugs and mats, but if you want to create a timeless décor, your area rug should feel soft underneath your soles and feature neutral hues and understated patterns.

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