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How To | Reflect a Personalized Interior by Drawing Inspiration From Everyday Life

Any living space, no matter how impeccable, fashionable, luxurious or sophisticated may be, looks just as empty and cold as a hotel room without personalized décor. This is why memoirs, knickknacks and other personal touches are crucial elements towards making your home a sanctuary that reflects your personality and taste. Does your interior speak YOUR language? Maybe it’s time to bring a little something to your décor from your everyday life to effortlessly evoke a sense of YOU.

Whimsical art

If you’re fortunate enough to have the time and skills to create beautiful art, by all means, show it to the world and adorn your walls with it! Not a hobby? Search for paintings, prints and photographic art and display it throughout your home to add dimension and character to your living space.

Wall decals

Not everyone’s a fan of framed embellishments. But if you have a quote you absolutely love or an inspirational phrase that lifts you up every time you read it, turn it into a wall decal and express what’s important to you in an artistic way.

Photos, travel mementos and pickings

Don’t let your phone be the only source of joyous mementos. Scatter a few of your favourite memories with your loved ones or honour the places you’ve visited and don’t just use framed photos on the nightstand. Be creative and decorate your home office with personalized photo banners, use a corkboard to display unique images or adorn end tables and floating shelves with antiques and collectibles that offer a gorgeous perspective of who you are, your interests and trails of life.

Cultural impact

Having books around makes any interior feel more homely and warm. Even if you don’t have a large bookcase to display your entire collection and you can still leta few titles shine through by placing books on floating shelves, consoles and bedside tables, using books as a nifty alternative to the latter, or create a cosy reading nook with a few good reads stacked within reach. Same thing can be applied to magazines, DVDs or vinyls.


Colour is a personal choice and you should never let trends dictate what tones to include in your living space. A great alternative to small décor pieces that some view only as dust collectors is to incorporate your favourite colours and prints into your space, and the easiest way to do that is through accent pieces and textiles.


What would our indoor lives be without keeping some kind of link with the outdoors? Adding plants makes any space look more alive with contrast. Draw inspiration from current seasons and adorn your home with the latest blooms or create sophisticated arrangements using shapely terrariums and succulents trapped in sleek encasings.

Unique lighting

The diversity of lighting solutions to personalize your space is simply astonishing. From heavy antique family heirlooms to designer pieces crafted from recycled materials and playful DIY project fixtures involving unconventional resources like retro milk jars, lamps exhibit more than just light.

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