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Interior Spotlight | Decorating with Table and Floor Lamps

Aside from providing essential lighting to just about any room, lamps are also an essential element of décor and ambiance. Making a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your living space, table and floor lamps can provide a quick décor update without breaking the bank.

In order to generate ample illumination and enhance your style, every home needs a combination of task lighting and accent lighting, with overhead fixtures assuming the role of thorough illumination. With the right table and floor lamp options, you can easily achieve multipurpose pieces as these fixtures play both a functional and ornamental role, they are moveable, adjustable and easy to fit in smaller spaces like the entryway or a tight corner in your living room.

Do you already own a pair of table lamps you adore? Make room for a third lighting fixture in the form of a coordinating (not identical!) floor lamp. Lighting looks more hip, balanced and pleasant to the eye when used in odd-numbers. Never use symmetrical and matchy-matchy schemes when it comes to your lighting, it will ruin the wow factor.
How to choose the right table and floor lamps for your home décor

As a general rule of thumb, consider the scale and purpose of your furniture before picking a lamp design. An oversized table lamp can look beautiful on a petit nightstand as long as you’re using the lamp as task lighting and statement piece. If you need to make room for other items as well, opt for medium-sized lamp tables. Same applies to small, thin fixtures. If placed on oversized furniture, they won’t be able to light the whole surface, nor will they stand out in your décor.

Task lighting, whether it’s a table or floor lamp, should always comprise adjustable fixtures or gooseneck designs so you can make the most out of your lighting when reading and working. If you need these to cover a large surface, opt for arching floor lamps. They are dramatic and extremely trendy nowadays, and can successfully replace ceiling lighting along with a couple of well-placed table lamps.

If you wish to create dimension, height and thus a stylish layered effect, choose floor lamps. Instead of having multiple table lamps scattered throughout the room, invest in an imposing floor lamp that generates interest and balance. Place it against the wall in a tight, dim corner to save space and equilibrate lighting.

Ornamental, fluidly-shaped lamps will look out of place in minimalist decors. Use those in traditional style homes and opt for pieces with clean lines for contemporary decors. If you wish to further personalize an eclectic room, steer clear from rigid, conventional styles and go with fun designs and colours. Or mix and match lamps to create an interesting effect. To keep them from looking obtrusive, use similar, coordinating shades and different stems. To create a warm, cozy ambiance, opt for wooden table and floor lamps with neutral shades.

Test the height of the table lamps from both a seated and standing position. Nothing is worse than the sight and glare of a naked bulb starring right at you!