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How To | Choose The Right Furniture Accessories

The accessories in your home tell a story and turn your house into a home. Without accessories, a home looks dull and lacks personality. It is therefore important to let your personality shine through when accessorising. While buying furniture accessories might be easy and fun, knowing where to put them might be a challenge. Whether your style is sophisticated, simple, dramatic, or romantic, these two furniture accessories will help you to get the most out of your decorating. 


Cushions have become common place today just like the chairs or sofas they’re placed on. They offer a simple and easy way to style your living space. When accessorising, choose cushions with prints that incorporate neutral colours. This way, they’ll never look out of place when placed on a colourful sofa.

If you have a neutrally-coloured sofa, use several cushions with different prints. When you want cushions with bold, graphic prints, incorporate some with subtle patterns or exquisite, line drawn shapes to tone things down. It is important to get just the right amount of cushions as too many can the throw off the texture and colour you’re going for. 


Since you spend a lot of time on your sofa, it should be as warm and inviting as possible. A throw can be a lovely furniture accessory which can be draped over beds and sofas. You can use it to add extra colour to your living space and to keep yourself warm on chilly nights.

When choosing a throw, ensure you get the right size. For example, if you have a two-seater sofa, it is advisable to get a smaller throw. However, if you have a large reclining couch or a corner sofa, get a large throw or two. Don’t buy a throw just because it looks pretty on its own; choose the right colour to ensure it fits into the room it is placed in.

These two furniture accessories will instantly brighten up any dull living room and tell a great story about your personal style and taste.