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How to | Creating the Ultimate Lounge Room by Decorating in Style

On average, people tend to have a deep connection with their homes and personal spaces. Reason being? This is where they spend a majority of their time. The way a room is furnished forms its own energy, so it’s important to create a space that not only matches your individual sense of style, but also aligns with your own personality and charm.

Home decor pieces have the effortless ability to individualise a space, reinvent the mood of a room, and can quickly turn a drab space into something really spectacular. Here we’ve created a quick and easy guide on how to elevate your Lounge Room, simply by adding home accessories to your space!


Drema 3 Seater Sofa - Dark Grey | Linus Coffee TableBlush Peonies Wall Art .


What can you use?

Before you start sourcing all your decorative goodies, it’s important to plan accordingly. Think about what’s the most important mood and style you’d like to achieve. Would you like the space to look more zen and minimal or are you after an urban jungle feel?

Take advantage of your own interests, such as that plant obsession or your keen eye for art and showcase this. There are so many different home accessories that can be used, ranging from plants to wall art, and from rugs to floor lamps. Find the things you love and have some fun with it.

*Pro tip, not only are plants addictive and extremely pleasing to look at, they are also natural air purifiers. So feel no shame feeding that plant obsession!


Simon Reclaimed Side Board - Natural | Native Bloom Framed Wall Art. 


How to implement it?

Take notice of your lounge room space and the furniture pieces you currently have. An easy formula to live by is: keeping it simple + cohesive. 

What do we mean by this? Choose decor and accessories that are compatible with your furnishings to create a harmonious space. If you’ve kept to less furniture, you have more room to play around with the decor. On the other hand, if your furniture fills the space, keep it simple and don’t over-accessorise.
Shapes + Sizing 
Create dimension in your lounge room by adding items of different shapes and sizes. Not only will this keep your space interesting, it will allow you to achieve the cohesion and vibrancy you’re after.

Use complementary colours and different textures to maintain a fun, fresh, and eye-catching room. For the final touches, use your expert eye to spot out awkward and/or empty spaces, and try experimenting with your decor pairings and placement to find what works best.


Sharon Glass Coffee Table | Tracy Lounge Chair - Beige | Palm Resort Wall ArtPolly Side Table.


Creating the perfect lounge room is about decorating with warmth, true personality, and adding that extra spark. Take the time to incorporate different textures, colours and exciting accessories to really elevate your space with glass coffee table. By following these tips, your lounge room is bound to transform into an ultimate style and comfort haven!