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How to | Styling Gold Decor at Home

Metallics in home decor aren’t big news but it shows no signs of slowing down. Adding a touch of metallic accents can make a space feel more luxurious and elegant. But finding the right balance of too little or too much can be hard, especially if you’ve never styled with metal before.


Here are our 5 tips on going for the gold without going over the top.


Start Small

Metallic decor is a great way to introduce the texture into your space without going overboard. They’re also more easily replaceable compared to an armchair or coffee table. From lighting to mirrors, subtle gold accents help reinvigorate a dull space with an unexpected and lavish touch.


Norman Console Table - Black.


Go for the Gold

Not satisfied with the small touches of gold? Then go big! Coffee tables with gold frames add a statement to your living room while having the same anchoring and practical quality every coffee table should have. Console tables are also a great option if you want to make a chic first impression at the front door.


Contrast with Softness

Metallic accents have a sleek, sharp, and hard quality to them. It’s what makes them popular as a complementing or contrasting element in the decor. The trick here is to balance that hard quality with softer textures. From neutral coloured furnishings to the more colourful, mixing the two textures create a wonderful contrast that makes the metallic accents stand out more without being too obvious.


Matching metallics to velvet is a classic combination that evokes glamour and modern elegance. Look for those statement pieces that will add depth, texture, colour and that ‘wow’ factor to your decor.


Joel Armchair - Dark Maroon Velvet. 


Have a Neutral Palette

For first-timers, keeping to a neutral palette will be your saving grace. Keep the room fairly neutral to let the metallic accents speak for themselves. It’s also important to know the temperature of the metals to ensure a cohesive decor.


Brass and certain gold metals are warmer toned and pair perfectly with walnut, black, and jewel tones. While cooler-toned metals like chrome or nickel (or a cool-toned gold) go with lighter neutral colours like grey, white, and blue.


Anderson Coffee Table | Nook 3 Seater Sofa.


Mix, Match, or Both?

Chrome or brushed? Silver or gold? Choosing what finish you want in metallic accents, and if you want to mix metals, is an age-old question. When done right, the results can be stylishly curated. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the same colours in different textures and finishes for a layered and refined look (i.e. golds with brass, chrome with silver or nickel). Opt for glossy metallic accents for a modern and sophisticated finish to the decor. Or choose brushed finishes for a more subdued, but still elegant, touch to your space.


Melvin Reclaimed Coffee Table | Sasha 3 Seater Sofa | Barry Reclaimed Console TableMountain Edge Wall Art.